“16 extra bullǝts removed from his body and 3 remaining” – Nigerian political aspirant survives after being sh0t 


A Nigerian political aspirant, Kene Nnadi is lucky to have survived death after he was shot several times and allegedly denied medical services.

The news was shared on X (Twitter) by a close friend of the victim where he revealed that hospitals refused to treat him without a police report.

According to his tweet, his friend had narrowly escaped death after he was attacked and shot several times.

After several back and forths, a hospital agreed to attend to him after which he was flown out of the country to London.

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His friend also added that 16 out of 19 bullets have been removed from his body and the three which are yet to be removed are in complicated places.

Sharing a picture of his friend receiving treatments in the hospital, he attached a caption that read;

“16 extra bullets removed from his body and 3 remaining. They wanted to kill my friend Kene but God said no. All hospitals rejected him and were asking for police report before treatment him. We managed to get one that attended to him until we flew him to London. Today, we thank God. Yes he is recovering well. The other 3 bullets are in delicate places. Doctors advised to hold on for few months to see if the body can push it out a bit more.”

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