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New Nicolas Cage Monster Movie Continues Star's Rotten Tomatoes Redemption After Major Slumps

nicolas cage from arcadian with the rotten tomatoes logo

The new Nicolas Cage monster movie Arcadian has continued the star’s Rotten Tomatoes redemption. Cage’s career is marked by long alternating stretches of Fresh and Rotten scores on the review aggregator service, with huge strings of splats encroaching more and more after 2000. Although the star had a run of critical hits in the early 2020s, 2023 saw him earn four splats in a row before swinging back with a Certified Fresh score of 93% for Dream Scenario.

Rotten Tomatoes has now aggregated an official critic score out of 50 Arcadian reviews. While the score could still fluctuate as the movie gets further into its release, the new movie currently holds a solidly fresh score of 86%, just a slight dip from the 91% it earned from 23 reviews after its SXSW premiere in March. This gives the star his second Fresh score in a row after his previous streak of five Fresh scores was interrupted in 2023.

Since 2000, Cage’s Fresh streaks have been far outstretched by his Rotten ones. While his longest Fresh streaks before the 2020s consisted of just 3 movies in a row (a feat that occurred three times: between 2005 and 2006, in 2013, and in 2018), his longest Rotten streak was a whopping seven titles between 2014 and 2016 (namely Tokarev, Outcast, Left Behind, Dying of the Light, The Runner, Pay the Ghost, and USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage). Below, see how his movies in the 2020s have largely been trending more positive despite another slump:

Now that the new Nicolas Cage monster movie has righted the ship again, it remains to be seen if he can continue this new Fresh streak. The prolific actor has three officially confirmed upcoming projects on the docket, beginning with the July release of the serial killer movie Longlegs. That movie was helmed by Oz Perkins, who has received two Fresh scores out of three directorial features, which could be a good sign for the movie’s critical prospects.

Cage’s other upcoming titles are the thriller Surfer and the cult movie sequel Lords of War, either of which could likewise earn a positive reaction from critics. While it remains to be seen how those movies turn out, their potential reception could prove that the critical success of the ​​​​​​​Arcadian movie is not a fluke. If he manages to get another streak of five Fresh movies under his belt in the 2020s, the star could prove that his career renaissance is far from over.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes