Man shares how his female neighbour who he conveys to work daily refused to contribute for fuel after he asked her to

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share how his neighbour, whom he has been conveying to and from work daily refused to contribute for fuel when he asked her.

Sharing on Twitter (X), the man stated that he requested for his neighbour to start contributing for fuel as he has been conveying her to work with his car since mid-January.

She refused after claiming he was heading to the same route as well. He stated that their place of work is close to each other.

He explained that despite her refusal he still conveys her to work daily for months now.

The man identified as @Kharrotie tweeted,

“I’ve asked my neighbor to start contributing for petrol since she’s been traveling with me to and from work since mid January and she told me she cannot because i was going that side anyways. Our work places are close by the way, first few months i understood, but hawu?”

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Reactions have trailed under the comment section with many telling the man to let his neighbour find an alternative way to get to work.

See reactions,

@blthylie She’s inconsiderate and taking advantage of you while she saves money. Tell her to contribute half or she should find other means of transportation

@Tum_Tumy_ So Yena she wants to travel to work for free … tell her you moved offices, she will just be shocked as she sees you around

@gistwhere Just refuse to take her because yena she is saving while you pay all the costs of her transport which is unfair, she must take a taxi cause they also going that way anyway

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