Transgender Jay Boogie shares video of himself jiggling his backside months after botched surgery saga

Nigerian transgender Daniel Nsikan, popularly known as Jay Boogie, has caused a buzz online after sharing a video of himself shaking his backside.

This comes three months after he underwent plastic surgery to enhance his buttocks, which resulted in complications, leaving him bedridden with sepsis and acute kidney injury.

It will be recalled that in November 2023, he called out the hospital and doctor who performed the procedure for carrying out a botched surgery on him.

 Jay Boogie shares

At the time, he also solicited donations from well-meaning Nigerians to fund his medical treatment after spending all his savings on it.

Now, Jay Boogie is clearly back to full health and in high spirits, as he is back on social media as if he never left.

He took to his Instastory on Monday, February 26, to share videos of himself jiggling his behind to the pleasure of his followers.

See the videos below,

A while back, Jay Boogie stated that he identifies as a transgender woman, not a gay man.

He made this distinction during a recent documentary with BBC news, where he spoke extensively about his sexuality.

According to the curvaceous crossdresser, he has fully transitioned into a woman and is only awaiting a gender reassignment surgery so he can have children in the future.

He also revealed that he receives a lot of advances from Nigerian men as they don’t care about his sexuality and sees him as a woman.

He, however, mentioned that such men are very discrete because of the prevailing stereotypes and anti-gay laws in Nigeria.

Speaking further, Jay Boogie said he feels very happy and fulfilled with his lifestyle. See him speak here

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