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Kenya Airways alerts on possible flight disruptions in coming weeks



Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways, a prominent player in Africa’s aviation landscape, has said that it might begin experiencing potential disruptions and delays in its flight schedule over the next two weeks.

The airline made this known in a statement issued recently, stating that the airline faces challenges in securing necessary aircraft components for maintenance, attributing the setbacks to a global shortage of spare parts. Allan Kilavuka, the Chief Executive Officer of Kenya Airways, voiced his concerns, revealing that the shortage has impacted the airline’s maintenance schedule, leading to a more extended grounding of certain aircraft than initially anticipated.

  • “Our current flight schedule may experience disruptions in the coming weeks mainly due to challenges in the aircraft spare parts global supply chain. These challenges are leading to an extended ground time of our aircraft for maintenance,” explained Kilavuka in the statement.

What you should know

In the past, Kenya Airways has grappled with such challenges. In June of this year, the airline faced a similar situation when it was compelled to ground several planes for an extended period during maintenance checks, also due to the global shortage of spare parts.

The CEO acknowledged the delicate balance between strong revenues and the financial strain imposed by the shortage of spare parts.

  • “The yields are very strong, but the costs are high,” Kilavuka remarked, emphasizing the ongoing struggle to manage the financial implications of these challenges.

Despite the hurdles, Kilavuka expressed gratitude to customers for their loyalty and support during these trying times. He reassured passengers that the airline is actively working to mitigate the impact of the situation and provide timely information.

  • “We kindly ask you to check updates on any changes to your flight schedule by checking on our website, contacting our Customer Excellency Centre (CEC) or on our mobile app. We anticipate that these circumstances may persist for approximately two weeks, and we want to thank you in advance for your understanding and patience during this time,” added Kilavuka.

Kenya Airways, known for its strategic hub in Nairobi connecting African travellers to the world, operates a diverse fleet consisting of Boeing and Embraer planes.

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