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Kaduna bombing: Ex-Defence chief warns against demoralising troops



Martin Luther Agwai

A former Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Martin Luther Agwai, has warned against destructive criticism against the military over the accidental bombing that occurred at Tundun Biri community in Kaduna.

While stating that every life is important and sacred,  he warned that citizens should refrain from mounting pressure on the military.

According to him,  this could demoralise the military and make them reluctant to effectively combat the insecurity ravaging the country.

He spoke while delivering the Graduation Lecture for participants of the Executive Intelligence Management Course 16  at the National Institute for Security Studies in Abuja.

Agwai said,  “One thing I always tell people, even when I was in service and when I was in a troubled area like Sudan, I  know when a dog bites a man what happens? No news.  But the day man bites a dog it becomes news. So when people expect the insurgency and their people have been killing security people killing a lot of people.

“Get me right, every soul is important and sacred and should be respected. But I think in condemnation and putting pressure, we should not do it to the extent that we will make the security operatives reluctant tomorrow to do what they are to do because they are afraid of making mistakes.

“That is the point I’m driving at. Where there is insecurity there can’t be development, you see why we need to build trust so that we can have development.”

Agwai also noted that the brains behind the Boko Haram terrorist group are non- Nigerians living outside the country.

He said, “What is happening in the North Eastern part of Nigeria is the same challenges of people getting arms from other places, even the people living and influencing some of the actions happening under Boko Haram. Even the prime movers are not Nigerian. They are not even living in Nigeria and they are not even Nigerian.”

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