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Govt-Induced Flooding Destroys Buildings In Enugu Community



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Umuwalugwu village in Umakashi community, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, Wednesday, sent a save-our-soul message to governments and relevant agencies to rescue them from flooding which was channelled to their village.

THE WHISTLER gathered that their ordeal began around 2016 when the state government constructed about nine kilometre road spanning the length of Obechara, Isiapku, Ugwuechara, and Barracks at the university community of Nsukka.

Mazi Paul Omeke is a youth leader in the village. He said, “The state government constructed the roads, but life has not been the same for my people since then. Arab Contractors constructed a mega culvert, and directed water channels to our village. The water from all the drainages was diverted to our village, and since then, our place has become a flood zone.

“Whenever it rains, we remain on the edge. Two persons, including a school girl, have so far died because of the flood. The other victim is a Road Safety personnel. We have taken the matter even to the Government House, all to no avail.

“At least the flood has destroyed about ten buildings in our place. Very many natives whose houses are endangered have relocated to other places. Nobody wants to buy land in our area anymore. We are always scared about the safety of our children when it rains. We have become endangered, and it’s a pity that nobody cares. Whenever it rains, we must remain indoors until the rain is over. This is because of the slippery nature of the road and the gravity of the water flow.”

It was observed that the flooding had stalled some ongoing building constructions in the area while farmlands are being washed away. Vehicle owners have also been forced to be parking their vehicles outside their residences due to inaccessibility.

“The much the government did to salvage the situation,” says Elder Dom Omeke, “is building a borrow pit, which couldn’t salvage the situation. Former Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi physically came to see the situation, and what followed was the borrow pit by the Nsukka LGA authorities. The borrow pit couldn’t withstand the water pressure.”

Reacting, the state Commissioner for Works, Engr Gerald Otiji, advised the leaders of the village to properly inform government authorities for necessary action. He said, “If they have a traditional ruler, or president general or community leader, or even you (this reporter), let a letter be done on behalf of the community, to the governor, with the pictures of proof; state that some work was done, and the danger the diverted waters have been posing to the natives especially during rainy seasons. Ask for at least a remedial work, so that rainy seasons would not be a nightmare to the natives. The governor that I know will minute it to the ministry of works, and I personally will set up a strong and experienced team to study it and then recommend a remedial approach to it, and then we will fix it to save our people from any harm.”