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10 Reasons Why Wonka's Rotten Tomatoes Score Is So High



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Wonka has earned an impressive “fresh” Rotten Tomatoes score of 85%, but how did the Timothée Chalamet-starring Roald Dahl spin-off manage to gain such overwhelmingly positive reviews? Telling the story of how Willy became Wonka, Wonka fills in the origins of the eccentric chocolatier from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Chalamet plays the title character, backed up by such iconic supporting players as Sally Hawkins, Rowan Atkinson, Olivia Colman, Keegan-Michael Key, and Hugh Grant as an Oompa-Loompa named Lofty. Wonka is directed by Paddington’s Paul King from a screenplay he co-wrote with Simon Farnaby.