“If I am going to d!e, let me d!e a fine boy” – Falz narrates how he and his friends were robbed and almost k!lled on a highway in Abuja (Video)

Nigeria rapper and songwriter Folarin Falana known professionally as Falz has narrated his near death experience during an interview on ‘Untapped’.

The incident, which happened on November 16, 2013, on a highway in Abuja, involved him and two of his friends and claimed the life of their driver.

Recounting the incident, the rapper and his friends said they thought that were going to lose their lives as well and began to say their last prayers.

The incident occurred while they were on their way to a wedding in Abuja where Falz was paid to perform.

According to them, it was a Northern wedding and a big gig, where the client paid a sum of one million for Falz to perform at the wedding.

They were supposed to go by air but did not book their tickets on time, so a friend of his, Sule, advised that they go by road instead, which they did.

One of his friends, however, had shown disapproval of them traveling by road but erased the thoughts because they were traveling in broad daylight and asked the rapper to pray before they proceeded.

While on the move, he and his friends slept off after having a conversation with the driver regarding the way he drove, which the driver promised to adjust.

They were woken to a loud bang and a man standing in the middle of the road with a gun in his hands; apparently, he had shot at their car three times, with the third round hitting their driver in the eye.

Describing the situation, Falz said

“We see this turban tying, AK47 welding, dangerous looking men in the middle of the expressway maybe like 5, we could not count they were directly shooting at our car everything was happening within seconds, so fast from the first bullet coming to us waking up, the second bullet coming to us taking cover to the third one that hit the driver in the eye.”

The rapper and his friends further described the injuries inflicted on them during the incident while showing the scars they sustained.

See the video below,

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