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NNPCL partners Ceesolar on decarbonization  

The Research, Technology and Innovation division of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) is collaborating with renewable energy company, Ceesolar Energy Limited on decarbonization.

This is according to a post shared by Ceesolar on Thursday, October 5 via LinkedIn. According to the company, the goal is to make energy production more efficient.

Ceesolar stated:

  • “We were pleased to receive the management team of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Research, Technology and Innovation division at our office today.
  • “Ceesolar has been engaged by the NNPC RTI division for a Collaborative Study on Sustainable Energy Models for Decarbonization.
  • “This project aims to provide the NNPC RTI division with valuable insights, data, and recommendations to aid future strategic decisions for transitioning to sustainable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions.
  • “NNPC is a dynamic global energy company focused on energy transition while ensuring domestic energy security. The primary objective of decarbonization is to mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming, which are both exacerbated by the increased levels of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere.
  • “The Air quality will also be boosted given that air pollution is responsible for some seven million premature deaths worldwide. The substantial reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions will limit the increase of global temperature.
  • “In practice, getting to zero net emissions requires shifting from fossil fuels to alternative low-carbon energy sources. With the united and collaborative effort of NNPC and Ceesolar Energy Limited, energy production and consumption can become more efficient and emission reduction can be implemented to mitigate climate change through the Baseline Study on Sustainable Energy Models for Decarbonization.”


In August 2022, during the launch of the Nigeria Energy Transition Plan, Mele Kyari, the Group Chief Executive Officer of NNPCL, emphasized the oil and gas sector’s pivotal role as a major source of carbon emissions and its significant impact on the climate.

He underscored the company’s commitment to addressing this issue by implementing a series of decarbonization measures.

These measures primarily include the elimination of gas flaring from NNPCL’s operations, the pursuit of carbon capture initiatives, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that facilitate low-carbon operations.

All these efforts are aligned with NNPCL’s overarching focus on advancing the transition to cleaner energy sources, particularly in the realm of gas and energy transition.

Prior to this, Kyari emphasized NNPCL’s firm belief in the importance of inclusive policy actions. These actions are seen as crucial in ensuring access to both finance and low-carbon technology, fundamental pillars for maintaining global energy security and fostering equitable growth.

Furthermore, Kyari outlined NNPCL’s strategic approach to achieving carbon neutrality, focusing on three primary areas:

  • Adoption of Low-Carbon Technology: NNPCL is actively working on integrating low-carbon technology across its operations. This proactive step is aimed at minimizing the company’s overall carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Deepening Natural Gas Utilization to Alleviate Poverty: NNPCL is directing efforts towards a significant increase in the utilization of natural gas. By doing so, the company aims to not only drive economic growth but also reduce poverty levels by providing a cleaner and more accessible energy source.
  • Investment in Clean Energy Technology: NNPCL recognizes the importance of investing in clean energy technologies. By allocating resources to the research, development, and implementation of clean energy solutions, the company seeks to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape.


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