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Man takes own life after his wife caught him is sexual acts with another woman in Zambia



THE shame of being caught red handed by his wife having sexual intercourse with another woman behind their house after a drinking spree has caused a man of North-Western province to allegedly commit suicide.

Shaderick Mumema aged 36 is believed to have gone home late in the night with another woman and in a drunken state and decided to have sex with another woman behind his house.

His wife then caught them and then they had a misunderstanding and her husband, with the other woman decided to shift their sex-capade to another house.

She later caught them again and had another confrontation with him and he attempted to take his life with a pesticide, but failed.

He then allegedly ran into the bush where he succeeded to take his own life by hanging himself to a tree.

North-Western province commanding officer Dennis Moola who confirmed the incident to Mwebantu said it occurred on October 4th, around 10:00 hours in Kabompo.

He said the incident was reported by the deceased’s 50-year-old brother-in-law.

“Facts surrounding the matter are that the deceased person was found by his wife having sex with another woman behind their house. He then went with the same woman to another house and his wife followed them and had a misunderstanding with him. He then attempted to commit suicide first by attempting to take pesticides and by trying to hang himself in the house, but failed,” he said.

Mr Moola explained that he later ran off into the bush where he finally succeeded in committing suicide by hanging himself to a tree using tree fibre.

“Police visited the scene and found the body hanging by the neck to a branch of a tree tied with tree fibre and his feet touching the ground. Upon physical inspection, he was found with semen on his genitals and the tongue was protruding from his mouth. No physical injuries were observed and no foul play suggested,” he said.

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