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Logan Paul Blasts Dillon Danis: Calls Out Reliability Ahead of Boxing Match

Dillon Danis’ claims about pulling out of his fight with Logan Paul have made the latter slam him. Well, boxing lovers have been counting the days to the approaching match of Logan and Dillon. After a lot of drama between them. The uncertainty of a match to happen is making everyone curious.

Read ahead to know more about Logan Paul slamming Dillon Danis for his claims to pull out from an upcoming match.

The much-awaited battle between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

A boxing match between any two fighters is a must-watch for the viewers. After some of the great matches in the boxing ring over the past few months. We finally have a Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis match to take place this month. The much-awaited battle is to take place on 14th October.

But ahead of that too we have a lot of drama going on. Dillon Danis after his social media drama and restraining order from fiancée of Logan Paul has claimed to pull out of his match with Paul.

Logan Paul slams Dillon Danis for claims of pulling out from their upcoming match

Logan Paul is all set to knock down Dillon Danis in their upcoming match on 14th October. However, now Danis has made claims about pulling out of the match just weeks ahead of the scheduled fight. Logan Paul is not in the mood to entertain the claims of the opponent.

Paul has slammed Danis on social media for his claims to back out. In his tweet, Paul wrote, “Don’t let Dillon fool you….he knows that pulling out AGAIN would guarantee no fighter, fight organization, or legit brand will ever work with him because he’s an unreliable liar”.

Boxing fans’ react on pulling out claims of Danis ahead of his match with Paul

Paul on claims of Dillon Danis to back out just before the match said that if he does that “I’m going to break this predator physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially”. Not just Logan but even boxing fans reacted over social media about the uncertainty of the duo’s match.

A fan on social media wrote, “I wanted to see this guy knock Logan Paul’s lights out, but as this sh*t went on i realized Dillon was the one who’s soft spot would’ve been pushed in. Holy sh*t this dudes a chump”.

Meanwhile, Danis about his arriving fight with Paul wrote “I’ll be there fight night, everyone can calm down”. Hence, we may get to see the battle happening soon.

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