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Kanye West’s Pedicure Outburst Goes Viral: ‘Toe’-tally Unimpressed!

Kanye West’s video goes viral as he abruptly stops his pedicure after getting hurt and scolding a nail technician for it. Rapper Ye is always in the spotlight for one or the other news. But this time it’s for a video that was posted by Ty Dolla $ign showing West getting a pedicure until he gets hurt.

Read ahead to know more about how Kanye West scolds a nail technician during his pedicure after getting hurt in the viral video.

Kanye West’s video getting pedicure goes viral

Rapper Kanye West’s video posted on social media by Ty Dolla $ign has been going viral as the former is seen getting a pedicure in it. In the video, both Ty Dolla and Kanye can be seen sitting. Kanye is having one of his feet done by a nail technician and the other one in the wash basin.

At first, the rapper taking a pedicure says “Ah! Whoa” and the very next moment he flinches his feet in pain. However, the woman doing his nails tried to explain what she was doing. Ye seems to get hurt in the process as he stops getting pedicures afterward.

More about the Ty Dolla $ign video of Kanye West getting hurt during pedicure

Ye in the video the nail technician is heard saying “Nah, I’m not gonna the rest of it. I gotta- I’m not gonna do it”. Even though the woman doing his nails tried to convince him to continue his pedicure. Ye was adamant about not continuing the process as it hurt him.

He was even heard saying “Oh, no, I’m not gonna do it. It’s my toes. It’s my toes. It’s my toes! I’m not gonna do it. That hurt”. It was Ty Dolla who posted the funny video of Ye on social media. Though was later deleted too as it even had the laughing emoji in the caption of it.

Jason Lee on Kanye West’s barefoot strategy

Jason Lee has had quite some work with West as recently he talked about rappers some of the moves to Page Six. Lee said, “I think the fact that people are talking about Kanye’s feet shows just how much power he still has in the wake of cancel culture”.

Lee believed Ye was to go barefoot as a PR stunt. Not to miss, the outfits of Kanye and his wife Bianca Censori have always been the talk of the town for being unusual and different many times. While their outing in Italy recently too drew a lot of attention towards it for some unexpected actions by the pair too.

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