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Zach Bryan’ Arrest Sparks Controversy: Did Police Request His Address Before Arrest?

Zach Bryan got arrested in Oklahoma for speeding by the cops as he revealed that he was even asked for his address. Ever since his recent arrest, the singer took to social media to explain what exactly happened to him. As later he even went on to apologize for how he dealt with the thing.

Read ahead to know more about Zach Bryan shares a video on social media after his arrest for speeding in Oklahoma as cops asked for his address.

Zach Bryan arrested for speeding in Oklahoma

It was on 7th September that singer Zach Bryan was reported getting arrested by cops in Oklahoma for speeding. It was for obstructing the investigation of speeding that landed Zach Bryan in trouble. A day later, however, the singer even posted a video about the incident.

The singer was held by the cops for speeding and not answering the questions of the cops. Bryan in his video even revealed that the cops asked him about his address. The singer didn’t answer and got arrested for not cooperating with the interrogation.

Zach Bryan shares a video about his recent arrest

A day later after his arrest in Oklahoma for speeding and not complying with interrogation. The singer shared a video explaining the incident of his arrest.

In his video, he was heard saying “I just wanted to be completely transparent with everyone who listens to my music about what happened yesterday with me getting arrested and everything, because I don’t want the internet to do what the internet does, and i don’t know, make stuff up”.

The video of the singer went viral on social media and netizens even reacted on the same. Some showed their support for the singer while some didn’t.

Netizens’ reaction to video of Zach Bryan post his recent arrest

Netizens have come across the viral video of Zach Bryan that he shared after his arrest. In his video, he had mentioned about not responding to the cops when they asked him about his address. However, later he had given his address to the cops after his conversation with them.

Post that the singer was released by the cops with a warning. Meanwhile, netizens were divided on the video of Zach Bryan. Some showed their support for the singer. Many believed the cops were just doing their job by asking questions even if it was about his address. Nonetheless, Zach did apologize for his take on the whole thing via his post.

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