Viral Video: Alleged Adamawa Student Union President arrives at a convention with police escorts (WATCH)

The video of a man said to be the President of the Adamawa Student Union President moving around with police escorts is currently making rounds on social media.

In the video that’s set tongues wagging, the man is seen arriving at the Adamawa Students convention with two armed policemen walking beside his car.

Someone then alights from the front seat to go open the door for him before he stepped out. Other people present are heard hailing him and giving him accolades.

Adamawa Student Union1

The video has since stirred up reactions from netizens who are quite surprised the police could provide security for such an individual or situation.

See the video as you scroll,

In other news, a video circulating on social media captures the moment a clergyman was questioned after being allegedly caught sleeping with his wife’s friend.

In the viral footage, the man, who introduced himself as Reverend Sowata, was nabbed with a woman who he acknowledged was not only his wife’s friend but also a worker in his church.

He also disclosed that he had slept with the woman on two previous occasions before being caught red-handed in the act. This incident occurred recently in Delta state.

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