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Twitch Star Kai Cenat Left Heartbroken as Music Artist SZA Blocks Him on Instagram

Kai Cenat is heartbroken after his crush SZA blocked him on Instagram. Feelings of Kai for SZA have been quite evident to all. Recently the duo even met each other. However, it seems like SZA isn’t much impressed with what Kai has done lately. As of now, the YouTuber is blocked by the singer.

Read ahead to know more about Kai Cenat heartbroken after his crush SZA blocks him on Instagram.

Kai Cenat’s crush on singer-songwriter SZA

Kai Cenat has been one of the popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber with millions of his fans across social media. However, Kai Cenat is actually a fan of singer-songwriter SZA. He has a crush on the singer and it has been visible to all.

Kai gave his reaction on a livestream about the new album “SOS” by SZA. The singer even shared on her Instagram

stories. Not just that, she too expressed her desire to stream with Kai. The duo met each other during one of her concerts. But it seems something has gone wrong between them now.

Kai Cenat heartbroken after SZA blocks him on Instagram

Kai Cenat and SZA’s collaboration might be a dream for both Kai and his fans. But amid all of this recently during one of his live stream, the YouTuber was left shocked as he wasn’t able to text SZA on her Instagram. It looked like the singer had blocked Kai.

Kai during the live stream was heard saying “I can’t send any more messages, bro”. He adds further “Bro, on God. On God I can’t send any more messages, bro!”. The YouTuber was certainly heartbroken at the possibility that he might have been blocked by his crush.

More about SZA blocks Kai Cenat on Instagram

The YouTuber even showed his phone while texting SZA on her Instagram. At the bottom, the message showed up as a warning “Invite sent. You can send more messages after your invite is accepted”.

It looks like Kai Cenat tried his luck with SZA by doing a DM on her Instagram. That apparently made him get blocked by her in return on the social media platform. While Kai was showing his disappointment at being blocked by his crush. Some of the fans tried to explain what might have happened.

They said that the team of the singer might have changed the settings of her Instagram account. As such it may not have been SZA herself blocking Kai on Instagram. However, only time can tell what made the YouTuber get blocked by the singer.

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