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The Darkness ‘Australian Tour’ 2024: Ticket, Price, Dates, Price, and Where To Buy?

Rock band The Darkness has announced their Australian tour to happen soon and fans are excited to attend it. There have been so many tours already announced for the fans. While some more are here to kick start soon. As of now, we are to have The Darkness kickstart their Australian tour as well. But when is it to take place?

Read ahead to know more about The Darkness’ Australian tour and all the updates about it.

The Darkness’ Australian tour dates announced

Music lovers get excited whenever they get to know about a new musical tour coming up. This time the rock band The Darkness is arriving soon with their Australian tour and it’s going to be very special for the band and their fans as well.

The dates for their Australian tour have been announced and it kick starts on 3rd February 2024. The other dates of the tour are 7th and 10th February 2024. So, don’t miss catching the rock band live performing in the venues of Australia with their Let Their Be Rock Tour.

What’s going to be special about The Darkness’ Australian tour 2024?

The rock band The Darkness is having their Debut Album “Permission To Land” to complete its 20th year this time. Hence, on the occasion of celebrating the same milestone the rock band has announced its Australian tour. As such the tour will feature some guests too along the tour.

The rock band in their 2024 Australian tour will perform in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. The guests to join the tour will be You Am I who will perform “The Majesty Of Tap”. Also, we will have DJ Deathrays, Cry Club, DJ Eleven, and DJ Denim to join.

Ticket details for The Darkness’ Australian tour

If you wish to attend The Darkness’ Australian tour in 2024 and watch some amazing performances. Then you must grab your tickets for the tour. They are to go on sale on 14th September at around 10 am AEDT. For all those having no hints were to buy the tickets. Here’s the information.

You can visit the website As there you’ll get the option to buy tickets and you can check the prices and categories of tickets available for the tour too. So, grab your tickets on time before it gets sold out completely.

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