Taiwan seeks collaboration with Nigeria to achieve development goals

The Representative and Head of Mission of the Taipei Trade Office in Nigeria, Andy Liu, says his country is ready to further collaborate with Nigeria on achieving its development goals.

Mr Liu, who made the statement at a news conference in Lagos on Sunday, expressed his country’s willingness to support Nigeria to grow its non-oil sector to catalyse economic development.

While highlighting the progress by both countries in establishing democratic systems, the diplomat said Nigeria could benefit from Taiwan’s investments in education, information technology, and other critical sectors.

Mr Liu said Taiwan and Nigeria had overcome significant challenges and had achieved notable successes, which could serve as a reference for other nations.

According to him, rather than wanting others to repeat their mistakes, Taiwan aims to share its experiences so that countries can assess whether the models suit their unique conditions, environment, resources, and economic development plans.

He stressed the need for a practical and cautious approach to Nigeria’s development, noting that Taiwan relies not only on the goodwill of the Nigerian government but also on its preparedness.

Mr Liu expressed the hope that the Nigerian government would initiate discussions in areas of interest with Taiwan, stressing the importance of aligning goals and objectives for a successful collaboration.

The diplomat also highlighted the importance of considering various factors, such as industry, global economic, and trade needs, when aspiring for a better nation.

Mr Liu commended Nigeria’s policies concerning effective communication and transportation networks, including the construction of quality roads and railways.

The diplomat said he admired how Nigerians had embraced digital communication, evident in their increased usage of mobile phones, internet connectivity, and online shopping platforms.

Mr Liu encouraged Nigeria to continue strengthening its digital infrastructure and seize the opportunities presented by the digital economy.

He said leveraging Taiwan’s expertise in this area could benefit Nigeria and other African countries.

The diplomat said collaborations with Taiwan could contribute positively to the economies of African nations.


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