“Police asked for N200k to go after the criminals that robbed me of N80k phone at gun point” – Man reveals what made him decide to leave Nigeria

A Nigerian man identified as Edy has taken to social media to reveal the shocking and heartbreaking event that triggered his relocation out of Nigeria.

According to him, he decided to leave the country after the police asked for N200,000 to go after the criminals who robbed him of his N80,000 phone at gunpoint in the Ikotun area of Lagos.

He added that he tried to persuade the officers to go after the criminal since he had a tracking device on his phone that captured the face of the thief, but the officers refused to move a muscle without receiving payment.

He wrote,

“I was robbed @ gun point by 3individuals around Odo Eran @ Ikotun,I was forced to unlock my phone. My phone had crookcatcher app so the faces of the criminals was taken and sent to my email by the app. Arrived NPF with evidence they asked for 200k phone’s worth 80k. criminals’ faces.

The painful part was I told the policemen to forget about the phone but just go after these criminals coz someone else could be a victim. By the way the app also showed where the phone was unlocked from and it was an apartment . Their response was 200k or no muscle will be move.”

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