Oxlade dragged to filth for allegedly showing fake love to Mohbad after his death as he shares screenshot of their chat

Popular Nigerian singer Oxlade has faced heavy criticism for allegedly showing fake love to his late colleague, Mohbad, after his death.

This controversy arose when he took to social media to mourn Mohbad’s sudden demise and shared a screenshot of a message he sent to him in 2018.

However, the screenshot revealed that he had restricted Mohbad from reaching him on Instagram, implying that Mohbad wouldn’t be able to see when he was online or had read his message.

The restricted account setting also ensures that Mohbad’s chat will no longer appear in his chat list, but he will still be able to search for it when he is ready to respond.

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Furthermore, he didn’t respond to the said message in which Mohbad had praised his voice.

See below,

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This sparked an outrage on social media, with many berating Oxlade for restricting Mohbad’s account and trying to show insincere support after his demise.

Read some of the comments below,

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Following the outrage, the ‘Kulosa’ crooner deleted the post and shared other screenshots of his chat with the deceased singer.

He also disclosed that he commented on Mohbad’s Instagram post few weeks ago, insinuating that they were in good terms.

See his new posts below,

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Snapinsta.app 379658180 2019386205076035 2272784709992486842 n 1080

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