Nigeria’s health, wellness Industry now globally recognised, accepted — Amdalat Suleiman, Spedy Weightloss CEO

The health and wellness industry has witnessed tremendous growth worldwide, with individuals increasingly prioritising their physical and mental well-being.

Nigeria, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse population, has immense potential to contribute to this global movement.

Spedy Weightloss, founded by a visionary entrepreneur, Amdalat Suleiman, is spearheading the globalisation of the Nigerian health and wellness industry. With its products, dedication to holistic well-being and expanding international presence, Spedy Weightloss is putting Nigeria on the global map as a hub for health and wellness excellence.

According to her, Spedy Weightloss, is at the forefront of establishing Nigeria as a key player in the global health and wellness market.

Under the leadership of Amdalat Suleiman, Spedy Weightloss has been successful in creating a brand that resonates with individuals seeking effective and sustainable health solutions. The company’s commitment to delivering tangible results and promoting holistic well-being has garnered international recognition, attracting customers from various parts of the world.

Speaking to the Nigerian Tribune recently, she said, “Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Spedy Weightloss has expanded its reach beyond Nigeria’s borders. The brand’s products and services are now available to a global audience, allowing individuals from different countries to benefit from Spedy Weightloss’ transformative approach to health and wellness.

“This is not only beneficial for the brand but also for the Nigerian economy as a whole. The international recognition and demand for sour products contribute to job creation, revenue generation, and the overall growth of the Nigerian health and wellness sector.”

Furthermore, Spedy Weightloss serves as an inspiration for other Nigerian entrepreneurs looking to enter the global health and wellness market. As the brand continues to make strides internationally, it paves the way for more Nigerian businesses to export their expertise and products, showcasing the country’s potential and fostering economic growth.

Amdalat, while emphasising the importance of globalising the Nigerian health and wellness industry, stressed that, “Our aim is to position Nigeria as a global leader in health and wellness by offering innovative solutions and promoting sustainable practices, we are proud to represent Nigeria on the global stage and contribute to the well-being of individuals worldwide.”

As she’s company expands its global presence and continues to innovate, it is transforming the perception of the Nigerian health and wellness industry. The brand’s success in globalising the industry serves as a testament to the talent, expertise, and potential that exists within Nigeria’s health and wellness sector.




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