NGO organises training on gender inclusion action plan in Bauchi

Bauchi State Enumerators on Gender Inclusion Action Plan for Agro-climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACReSAL) project have been trained on combating issues of gender-based violence likely to occur in the processes of project implementation.

The training was facilitated by an NGO known as ‘Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative’ also known as Partners West Africa.

The Project Coordinator, ACReSAL, Bauchi State, Dr Ibrahim Kabir in his opening remarks, welcomed the Consultants assigned with the responsibility of the training and assured them of a positive outcome from the enumerators and the state at large.

While giving an overview of the project, Ibrahim Kabir used the forum and applauded the World Bank for coming up with a project that has a unique attribute of being multifaceted.

It combines three sectors of Environment, Agriculture and Water Resources making it so tasking, thereby urging the enumerators to put in all seriousness for the overall interests of the State.

He also cautioned the Enumerators to portray transparency, accuracy, sincerity and commitment in the discharge of their assigned duties for the research to be beneficial to ACReSAL implementation and the people of the state.

Earlier, Mr Michael David, the training facilitator said that the training was to orient the field officers on gender and gender-based violence, and research ethics, study objectives, methodology and data collection procedures to get them familiarised with the processes.

Michael David also said that the NGO is dedicated to enhancing citizens’ participation and improving security and good governance in Nigeria.

He stated that the purpose of the partnership with ACReSAL is aimed at enhancing the project’s effort to promote gender equality and inclusivity throughout all Project activities that will help in identifying and overcoming barriers faced by vulnerable and marginalised in society.

Highlights of the training included technical sessions, presentations and were conducted at the conference room of the State Project Management Unit (SPMU)  ACReSAL Bauchi as contained in a statement by Communications Unit Bauchi ACReSAL.


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