My marriage… With Shóyemí Pépèr-Hadé Shóyemí

How long have you been married?

I have been married for 17 years.

Where and how did you meet your wife?

I met my wife in Lagos State, Nigeria, on my street.

Did you know from Day One that you’d end up together?

When I met her, I had plans to hit the ‘cookie jar’ and run off, but after getting to know her, I realised she was the one meant for me. We have been inseparable to date and it is so beautiful to experience that bond.

What is one thing you would never forget about your wedding day?

On our wedding day, I was drawn to her pheromones, considering the scents emanating from her body. Therefore, as soon as the wedding ceremony was over, we decided to lock ourselves in the room all night long because we could not wait to make ourselves feel like we would love to feel.

What is the most beautiful virtue you love about your wife?

She is hard-working, charitable and has a fear of God. She takes my family and friends as hers.

How has marriage impacted your career?

My wife is someone who drives me positively without comparing me with others. She rather compares me with myself. I remember her saying, “Pépèr, I know you are in Number Five now but you can climb up to Number Eight. You can do it and I believe in you!”

Those words from her make me want to own many companies and charitable organisations and with her as my cheerleader.

What noticeable changes have you seen since you got married?

I am a Christian no doubt, but since I got married, my missus has spurred me up to do things for God. However, I am a servant of God by spreading His word to those who are lost. She has been my support since God called me into His ministry, the God and You Ministry, also known as the GYM on Twitter and Telegram.

As a notable figure in the UK, how do you balance your career, work, and home?

There is something that is called work-life balance, and I don’t play with it. I have been able to jog all with the help of Almighty God and my wife. Additionally, during the period I was running for President of the Christian Alliance Party, my wife was very supportive. She also helped me to balance my career, work and home.

How do you make sure you keep your marriage out of public scrutiny?

I do that by not flaunting my family online and offline or talking so much about them. I most especially don’t post their videos and pictures online on social media.

What has marriage taught you so far?

Marriage has taught me that even if a woman is richer or more connected than her husband, it is pertinent that he showers her with money, gifts and trips in and out of the country. As such, it brings respect and balance to the home.

What has kept your marriage strong though in a foreign land with a high divorce rate?

The fear of God has kept us because, to us, God hates divorce. We also have contentment. We don’t compare or contrast our marriage with others. We don’t tell our ‘story’ to just anybody. We try to keep every ugly and good moment to ourselves because all marriages have one or two demons they are fighting.

What tips can you recommend to young and intending couples?

I am a relationship coach, and as such, I have always not fancied young people of marriageable age being single. Therefore, I have a single platform called Angles2Love with over 100 members. In this platform, I have told them that relationships are not solely about money and sex, but it’s all about what I call CUT – Communication, understanding and trust. I recommend these tips for young and intending couples; they work magic.

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