Motorists Groan As Poor Drainages Cause Flooding on Enugu Roads

Motorists in Enugu metropolis and other parts of the state have cried to relevant authorities to make policies making blockages of drainages across the state an offence.

According to those that spoke with NewsNGR weekend, whenever it rained, driving across some parts would become a nightmare.

A survey carried out by our correspondent showed that most roads are impassable following incessant downpours being witnessed in the state of late.

Jerome Odo is a commercial driver. He said, “Whenever it rains, there are some areas that we can’t pass. The force of the flood could navigate vehicles to ditches that can be injurious to human lives.

“Some of these areas have blocked drainages as a result of illegal construction of buildings. Some are blocked drainages caused by poor evacuation of refuse in the state.

“Residents also deliberately throw refuse into gutters instead of taking their refuge bags to designated locations for easy clearing. It is terrible in Enugu during rainy season. We want the authorities concerned to punish the offenders.”

Another driver, Oliver Chike, said, “The route from New Market to Parklane has become a death trap. Big men built houses in areas that should be for water passage. It will continue because most of them were genuinely allocated those areas by government authorities.”

At Nsukka, the story is the same. Dr Fidelis Onyia resides along Orba road.

He said, “Nru junction is a death trap whenever it rains. Non-high capacity vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians dare not pass through almost every part of Orba road whenever it rains. It is caused by blocked drainages.

“I continue to ask if we have a local government administration in Nsukka. They are only after collecting dues and arresting motorists that violate small rules but they can’t clear the drainages.”

Mazi Ekene Eze is a town planner. He said, “If you go to the bridge going to Trans-Ekulu from GRA, buildings are being erected on waterways. Who approved such constructions? The system is fraught with corruption. I advise residents to remain indoors whenever it is raining. It is risky, and our government is doing little or nothing to remedy the situation.”

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