Mohbad’s In-Law Speaks Out, Says ‘Many Will Be Arrested’ When Truth About Singer’s Death Comes Out

Amid the public inquest into Mohbad’s death, Titilayo Shobukola, elder sister to the late singer’s wife, Omowunmi Aloba, has denied her sister’s complicity in the singer’s death.

Titilayo spoke against the backdrop of a trending audio clip where Mohbad allegedly accused his wife of wanting to kill him while warning that she would be held responsible if anything happened to him.

In the audio which was released after the singer’s death, Mohbad chastised his wife for pretending to be sick in order to obtain information from his WhatsApp account.

“If I die today, you killed me, my life is fucked up, I’m saying this in advance, my life is fucked up. Ever since the NDLEA shit, my Health is bad, my tummy is folded up, I do complain all the time. I will tell the whole world o (sic)

“You should leave me alone when you stopped feeling me, now you are pretending, you will pay for this you put me to shame.”

However, Shobukola, during an Instagram live session with the popular media personality and OAP, Daddy Freeze, alleged that Mohbad suffered from memory loss after he was allegedly assaulted by the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency and did not know what he was saying.

According to the sister-in-law, Mohbad refused to go to the Aro Psychiatric Hospital in Abeokuta to get treatment because of shame.

She said, “He had some memory loss after the NDLEA hit him with a gun on his head.

“The voice note that was posted where Mohbad said his wife was going to kill him, my sister was the one that recorded it, she recorded it because Mohbad will deny and say he did not say that afterward.

“After he said my sister wanted to kill him, she said she was done, and that was why she recorded him to play the voice note for him later. My sister recorded the voice note with a friend’s phone at the time (sic)” she alleged.

She maintained that her sister (Omowunmi) was legally married to the singer, but it was kept secret out of respect for the singer’s wishes.

“My sister is the last child of the family and she is Mohbad’s wife. They got married low-key because she wanted to respect Mohbad’s wish, my sister couldn’t post pictures, and we couldn’t celebrate the way we wanted just because we understood what he was going through.

“He did this because he didn’t want to expose his family, his wife, and his son. Right now, my sister can not talk, she’s grieving.

“A lot of information out there is rubbish because they don’t even have enough information. The person that has enough information, if that person decides to come out and talk, a lot of people will be arrested. I decided to talk because Nigerians need to know what’s going on, we are not just keeping quiet.

“Right now, my sister’s safety is our priority, nothing must happen to my sister, myself, my mom, and my brother,” warned Titilayo.

She also questioned the hastiness with which the singer was buried by his parents while accusing Mohbad’s family of not checking up on the wife and their little son since the singer’s death.

“I’m so surprised about what’s going on. On Tuesday night, it was as if I should jump from my phone and get to Nigeria immediately. I begged, I was on the phone from 8 pm till 2 am begging (them) to do an autopsy. Don’t go and bury him this midnight, they wanted to bury him at midnight, he deserves a befitting burial, I and my sister pleaded no one listened to us.

“I said okay if that’s the case let’s bury him at Ikoyi Cemetery, don’t go and bury him anywhere but they didn’t listen

“Why are we so much in a hurry to bury him? I asked that question so many times but no response from them. Why do we have to bury him by 12 am and even if we have to, not tonight?

“We are trying not to come out and talk because the deceased doesn’t like drama, that’s why I don’t post him on my post, but if we keep quiet it will be as if we are hiding something. They’ve not called my sister to check on Liam since Mohbad died,” added Titilayo.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International Nigeria has called for justice for the late singer who reportedly passed out on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, shortly after an injection was administered to him and unfortunately did not wake up.

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