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MC Oluomo led-Lagos park committee warns TUC against planned Monday protest

The Lagos State Parks and Garages Administrators (LASPGA) led by Musiliu Akinsanya popularly known as MC Oluomo, has warned the state chapter of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) against its planned protest in support of the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN), asking the union to abort the plan.

This followed the threat by TUC to shut down Lagos state on Monday and embark on an indefinite industrial action over the ban on the activities of RTEAN despite a court order.

This disclosure is contained in a press statement signed by the state secretary of LASPAGA, Mr Abdulrahman Amusan, on Saturday, where he stated that it is “disturbing”, “debasing and demeaning for the parent body to be relegated to chasing shadows”.

The association argued that the existence of LASPGA was in line with the pronouncement of the state government.

It also cautioned the TUC president and his supporters to “abort their planned protest and not to allow itself to be dragged into the stormy water of the Transport Union by Alhaji Musa Muhammed who is the national treasurer of the TUC”.

TUC accused of plans to cause chaos, pandemonium

Amusan in the statement said,

  • ‘’The attention of the leadership of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Administrators (LASPGA) has been drawn to news of a purported planned protest in Lagos State on Monday, September 25, 2023, by the Trade Union Congress (TUC).
  • This news, to us, is not only disturbing but also debasing and demeaning of the position of the mother body to be relegated to chasing shadows.

All the schemes to cause chaos and pandemonium in the state by the leadership of the TUC in the guise of protest are not alien to us.

We are familiar with the metrics of Alhaji Musa MUHAMMED and his cohorts in the Trade Union. To us, the planned protest is a case of weeping more than the bereaved.

  • ‘’To put the records straight, the 18th of April judgment of the National Industrial Court (NIC) does not by any means affect the creation of LASPGA there is still a pending case at the Court of Appeal where the verdicts of the NIC is being appealed.
  • TUC as a respected organization should understand the procedures of the court and should therefore respect it. We, however, urge the leadership of the TUC to get their facts right before holding a headless protest.’’

Put your house in order

He said,

  • ‘’The public should be in the know that a house divided by itself cannot stand. It is crystal clear that the Road Transport Union itself is suffering from internal conflicts which has led to the body having fractions.
  • The organization has admitted some infiltrators who are dragging it into the mud, and unfortunately, TUC keeps falling prey to their mischievous acts.
  • We wish to advise Comr. Festus Osifo led TUC as an umbrella body that instead of protesting and causing Lagosians lots of trouble, such energy should be deployed to put its house in order.
  • ‘’Additionally at this juncture, we need to state very emphatically that the suspension of Road Transport Employer’s Association (RTEAN) in Lagos was orchestrated by we the members in Lagos State.
  • The Lagos state members were tired of Alhaji Musa Mohammed’s leadership, reckless and unholy behaviours, abuse of office, and division and rule among many of which have brought retrogression to the body.
  • All of these built-up dislikes for him led to the fracas which caused many lives that occurred at the Iyana – Iba area of Lagos.
  • It was this lingering crisis that prompted the Lagos state government to intervene so as not to allow the situation to degenerate into the breakdown of law and order in the state.
  • It was the critical forensic of the conflict that led to the suspension of the association in the state. The question begging for an answer then is ‘Why protest for another’s ineptitude?’

Abort planned protest

He added,

  • ‘’In times past, the TUC is known to be a pro-masses organization that genuinely supports the will of the ordinary people.
  • The fundamental objective and mandate of the TUC is to protect workers from exploitation, marginalization, and tyranny, however, we are shocked that some unscrupulous people have hijacked the organization for selfish and personal gains putting the integrity of the organization in the line.
  • We advise that the TUC review their actions very thoroughly to save the remaining respect people still have for them.
  • ‘’In conclusion, we wish to reiterate that the existence of LASPGA is in line with the pronouncement of the Lagos state government.
  • We therefore urge the TUC President and his cohorts to abort their planned protest and not to allow itself to be dragged into the stormy water of the Transport Union by Alhaji Musa Muhammed who is the national treasurer of the TUC.
  • As it will only amount to acting in contradiction with the rulings of the court. Holding a protest of such nature on a Monday in Lagos is targeted at truncating the serenity enjoyed in the state.’’

What you should know

Recall that the TUC President, Felix Osifo, during a press conference on Friday, threatened that the union will embark on an indefinite strike and vowed to ground economic activities in Lagos State over the ban on the operations of its affiliate union, the RTEAN by the state government.

It also directed its members to mobilize for a one-day protest on Monday in preparation for the withdrawal of service.

Osifo said the Lagos state government had technically proscribed RTEAN in the state which led to taking over the motor parks and locked the office.

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