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Madison Beer Speaks Out on ‘Cringey’ Controversy Surrounding Her Role in Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Video

Madison Beer’s Ariana Grande music video controversy is again grabbing attention as now former says what she claimed about the music video was ‘cringey’. The “Thank You, Next” video of Grande was claimed to have Beer in it too. But here’s what the latter is saying about her claims made years back.

Read ahead to know more about Madison Beer calls her own claims about Ariana Grande’s music video as cringey.

Madison Beer’s Ariana Grande music video controversy

Madison Beer might have been known as a popular singer. However, she has been a part of a controversy as well. It was in the year 2020 that Beer talked about something and it made her face backlash for it later. The singer had said that she was supposed to be in Ariana Grande’s music video “Thank You, Next”.

Post this statement of Beer, she faced a lot of criticism online. As fans of Ariana Grande said Beer was lying about being invited to appear in the Thank You, Next video by Grande. However, it looks like years later even Beer thinks her claims were cringey.

Madison Beer calls her claims about Ariana Grande’s music video as cringey

It was during a fan meet-up that Madison Beer had said “I hate saying this, because everyone on Twitter is like, ‘You’re lying, i hate you’. I was suppose to be in the video”.

She said “When they were filming it, it was in Miami. She told me the whole concept was like, ‘Yeah, we’re doing this Mean Girls thing’. And I was in my bedroom in Miami and I was like, ‘Fly back to LA right now!”.

But now Beer has said about her claims”i didn’t even mean to bring it up, my brain was just like, ‘Say it’. That whole situation, I can laugh about it now, but people were so mean to me about that”. She added “Listen, the way that i said it was cringe, for sure”.

More about Madison Beer calling her own claims about Ariana Grande’s song as cringe

Talking about her claims about Ariana Grande’s music video “Thank You, Next”. She said in her interview with Zach Sang “The way it came out of my mouth was f**king cringey. But I was just talking to some of my fans and I don’t know….it was f**king cringe”.

She further went on to talk about it at length. But about being in the music video of Ariana Grande she said “I was”. She was adamant on the thing that she was indeed invited to be a part of Ariana’s song. However many still don’t believe her claims.

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