Lagos educates staff on challenges of urban development

The Lagos State Resilience Office has educated its mid-level management officers on coping with the vicissitudes of urbanisation.

Speaking at the training session in Lagos, the Chief Resilience Officer, Folayinka Dania, explained that there was the need to develop the state’s resilience, saying it was facing numerous urban development challenges; a large and increasing population, inadequate physical and social infrastructure, climate change impacts such as flooding, coastal erosion, and extreme heat among others.

She said, “The Lagos Resilience Strategy articulates an integrated approach to addressing these challenges, which can be classified into shocks and stresses. It outlines resilience-building initiatives, which we believe, if effectively implemented, will enable us to build a greater Lagos; a Lagos that is safe, sustainable, and inclusive; a Lagos that anticipates and plans for different shocks and stresses; a Lagos that survives, adapts and thrives in the face of any challenges it might experience; and one that turns challenges into greater opportunities for growth and development.

It is therefore imperative to educate all public servants on urban resilience, the resilience lens and its application in prioritizing resilience building initiatives, the contents of the Lagos Resilience Strategy, and the roles to be played by various MDAs to ensure its successful implementation.”

She encouraged the participants to pay rapt attention, own the process and become resilience ambassadors in their various MDAs.

Dania said, “All of you present here today are part of the State’s engine room and as such need to buy into the initiatives, take adequate charge of the concept of resilience and be prepared to continually acquire additional knowledge, skills as well as proficiency in the application of modern technologies to aid the discharge of scheduled assignments and responsibilities.”

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