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Lagos Business School relaunches CEP to prepare CEOs for emerging business trends

The Lagos Business School has relaunched its Chief Executive Programme (CEP) for Senior Business Executives to address emerging trends in today’s business world.

The Director, of Executive Education, Lagos Business School, Mr. Victor Banjo, in his introductory remarks, emphasized that, just as the business environment has evolved, so must the approach to leadership development.

The way CEOs are developed must mirror this evolution. it must enable people leadership practices that influence CEOs to be imaginative, and open to learning and unlearning.

A significant proportion of learning in this programme will come out of peer-stimulated learning the sharing of experiences and stress-testing each other’s ideas.

“Participants will learn to go beyond problem-solving skills to using design-thinking to build ecosystems that harness success. Participants will learn to handle numerous inherent paradox situations that defy either/or solutions and compromises, to build on existing value streams and at the same time, find new ones thereby ensuring resilience and agility,” he said.

Also speaking at the relaunch programme, the Chief Operating Officer, of Pan Atlantic University, Dr. Peter Bamkole, said the programme needed to be relaunched after 28 editions before COVID-19 to address present and emerging realities.

He said the Lagos Business School Chief Executive Programme (CEP) was designed for senior business executives who are ready to accelerate their career to the highest level of leadership programme or seeking to further enhance and authenticate their leadership skills.

  • “So, we’ve had the programme run for 28 editions before COVID, then the work of CEOs changed from what it used to be pre-COVID. Even the workforce now has to work from home, and the human resource management is also different.”
  • “There is a different way of working and the CEO must understand that. The CEO is constantly being challenged in many directions and the relaunched programme is to prepare the CEOs and Senior Business Executives for these new challenges,” Bamkole said.

Other participants at the event such as Chief Dr. Grover Anil, MD/ CEO, Grover’s Hospital; Dapo Omolade, CEO of Hybrid Group; Yemi Keru, CEO of Hecker Bella Limited, among others reiterated the impact of the programme on the growth of their companies.

According to them, the programme provided them with the platform to network and build on their ideas to grow their businesses ethically, profitably, competitively, and sustainably.

They all agreed that successful businesses need good products, business ethics and sustainability. These are some of the knowledge and other benefits that come to participants in the programme.

The Lagos Business School Chief Executive Programme comes in three modules namely: Authentic Leadership for Organisational Effectiveness and Competitive Advantage; Legal, Social, and Political Dimensions of Business; and the Performance of Organisations.

The programme enables participants to anticipate risks outside formal functional boundaries and turn them into opportunities by coalescing around a common purpose agility while transforming customer experiences and building sustainable competitive advantage to deliver such experiences.

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