Kogi Guber: Critical stakeholders tip SDP candidate, Muri Ajaka for victory

Ahead of the November Governorship election in Kogi State Critical Stakeholders from the East Senatorial District of the State on Sunday said that the Candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Murtala Ajaka would emerge victorious at the Poll based on

Speaking while addressing newsmen in Abuja, Chairman Critical Stakeholders Members of Kogi East senatorial district, Chief Simon Achuba, declared that by their calculation Alhaji Ajaka would win 75% of the votes in Kogi East and win in a landslide in the state

According to him, “We are confident that Alhaji Maritala Yakubu Ajaka (Muri) will win 75% votes in the nine Local Governments in Kogi East (Igala/Bassa land).

“We are also confident by our opinion survey that Alh. Muritala Yakubu Ajaka shall win a landslide in most local governments in the Central and Western Senatorial Districts Kogi State.”

“Are we still going to allow three LG results to be written to overwhelm? 18 other Local Governments again? God forbid!!!. Notwithstanding the error of 2019 and the injustices suffered thereafter, by the people of Kogi State irrespective of tribe, we call upon INEC to be free, fair and open in her dealings in Kogi State. In other words, we wish to reiterate our confidence in INEC hoping that we have a free and fair election on 11 November 2023 in Kogi State.”

He cautioned the people of Kogi State to be on alert and not allow Governor Yahaya Bello to achieve a third term through his kinsman.

According to him, “What we need do is to be vigilant and protect our votes. Instead of Yahaya Bello picking a candidate from Kogi East or West, he picked Usman Ododo from his own local government. I believe this is a ploy to perpetrate a third-term agenda. If this is allowed to go through, his wife may become our Governor in 2027. God forbid!!!. We call on all well-meaning Kogites irrespective of political ethnic and religious divide to rise up and resist the evil seed being plotted in Kogi State.

“Yahaya Bello instead of picking a candidate from West or East, be opted for a cousin brother from the same Local Government and polling unit.”

He also accused the governor of being wasteful.

Said he, “It has been 7 years and 8 months of reckless plundering of our state resource without any tangible legacy to show for his two tenures. Rather, all legacy projects by his predecessors have been sold off without reinvestment.

“I know as a matter of fact that about fourteen billion was paid to Kogi State by the Federal Government for a road constructed by his predecessor. Can the successor of Bello expect such a legacy fund? It is like daydreaming to think so. He had the opportunity to write his name in gold but turned it down. He will be remembered for bad governance and violence perpetrated in Kogi State.” He said

According to him the result of the election will shock the governor,
“The result of the election come November 11 will prove to you that you have so much to learn. As you continue to receive decampes, we wish you stand the disappointment that follows.”

He called on the security agencies to keep a close watch on the state.

“We wish to call on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Chief of Army Staff, and other Heads of security agencies in Nigeria to keep a close watch on Kogi State. You recall that in 2018, the Kogi State Government imported some military software. The National Assembly raised alarm. I spoke on the same matter in 2019 letting the world know that the importation was without a license, The question is what the government (Civilian Government) doing with military software. From that time till date, killings, violence, kidnapping and various levels of crime have multiplied. Shall we continue to elect those who attack us, kill us and treat us unjustly even to the extent of denying us our salaries and benefits?”

He also called on INEC to play by the rules and not favour any party over the other. “We call on INEC and law enforcement agents to do the needful, especially in Kogi East where violence has been escalated to ensure that the expected massive votes of the people are bastardised, or suppressed for the party in power to unjustly have her way. This intervention is being sought to prevent the people of Kogi State from taking laws into their hands haven, being so maltreated and shot at in 2019 using a government helicopter in Lokoja to shoot at voters. The right of self-defence cannot be denied especially when lives are threatened. Hence, we call on law enforcement agents to be professionals in the discharge of their duties.” He said

On the issue of ethnicity, he said, “Our support for Muritala Yakubu (Muri) is not based on ethnic or tribal chauvinism but on political calculations based on his acceptability across Kogi State and other winnable factors. His Senatorial Constituency has a vote base that is half of the state vote. A check at elections from 1999 to date is proof. ”



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