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Hitmaka and Tink’ Breakup Drama: Claims of a $2 Million Fallout Revealed

Hitmaka and Tink discuss what transpired following their split. She alleges they fought because he demanded $2 million. Tink took to Instagram Live on Saturday (Sept. 9) with an emotional rage that started an entire back-and-forth involving her and her former lover & collaborator Hitmaka. While indicating that Hitmaka may disclose a video of an alleged physical incident between the two, Tink stated that Hitmaka is “foul” and added that if necessary, everyone involved will be “exposed.” “I do not bother n***as,” Tink says in the video series. In reaction, Hitmaka went on Instagram Live on Saturday to confront Tink’s revelations. The Chicago rapper-producer revealed that although things did get physical between Tink & himself at one point, he never touched her and has no plans to release the tape.

Hitmaka adds in the video that he & Tink were in the same restaurant in Cancun, Mexico. Tink allegedly approached Hitmaka as he was leaving the business and getting into a vehicle alongside a few women, opened the car door, and became physical with him. He also stated that everything was well between him and Tink until money came into play, that he will not allow her allegations to fly, that he ” does not have any idea what that girl is talking about,” and that he “stands on being real.” Tink reappeared to IG Live on Sunday with her fresh round of charges, following Hitmaka’s disclosure that the two were intimately involved. After admitting that they were once in a relationship.

Hitmaka And Tink Discuss What Transpired Their Breakup; She Alleges They Fell Out Since He Wanted $2 Million

Collaborators & former couple Hitmaka and Tink recently split up, and she claims one of the reasons they split was because she refused to pay him the $2 million he claimed she owed him. “We’ve been dating for a long time,” she stated recently on Instagram Live. “I’ve been silent about a lot of what goes on behind the scenes….” I’ve kept quiet about the agreements and the money. Almost anything you can think of is included. This circumstance is the result of a variety of factors, the first of which is his begging for money. He’s demanding $2 million from me.” She suggested that one of the main reasons their relationship ended was because he wasn’t thrilled with her plans to work on a project without him, something she described as typical of someone who doesn’t want her to succeed. “That’s not love,” Tink added. Later in the Instagram Live session, she admitted to making “a mistake” during the time she physically assaulted him in a Cancun restaurant. “He did not put his hands on me,” she explained. “On my end, it was physical. I’m not flawless, and I don’t pretend to be.”

The former couple’s split became public after she went on a rampage against Hitmaka, with whom she had also cooperated, during an earlier Instagram Live session. “Hitmaka, you scumbag. If you think about releasing the footage of me in the car, understand that I’m going to have to let the film out, and everybody’s going to get exposed,” she remarked during the stream, implying that she had to protect herself during the Cancun incident. “‘Cause I know how you’ve been playing, and the label knows how you’ve been playing, and I’ve been hanging shit down riding for you.” Shortly after Tink’s first stream discussing their divorce and altercation, Hitmaka stated, “I have no concept what that girl is talking about.” He claimed he had video footage of her physically abusing him but refused to reveal it since he still has “mad love” for her despite the fact that their relationship had deteriorated due to money issues. “She’s going have to pay,” he predicted. The producer replied with a post on his Instagram Stories after she acknowledged to putting her hands on him during an encounter and stating that he never hit her.

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