Embrace peace to actualise SDGs, groups urge Nigerians

As the International Day of Peace is marked globally on September 21, this year, the Institute For Peace And Conflict Resolution (IPCR), the Soccer For Peace Foundation (SPF) and other partners have admonished Nigerians, international bodies, partners and stakeholders on the need to embrace peace to ensure the actualisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With this year’s theme which is “Action for Peace: Our Ambition For The #Global Goals”, the Director General, IPCR, Dr Joseph Ochogwu underscores the importance of peace saying the International Day of Peace is a call to action against elements that disturb the peace and hamper meaningful development. The DG said the Institute was founded to promote peace and fight against violence.

Dr Mathew Ogwuche of the National Open University (NOUN) who delivered a lecture titled “Renewed Hope Agenda: Strategies For Enhancing Peace In Present Day Nigeria”, said there is a nexus between a conscious economy that can improve the quality of life of the people and the peace and stability of the system covering national security, economy, education, infrastructure and others.

Ogwuche stressed the need for economic collaboration for social cohesion that will improve improve Gross Economic Product (GDP), reduce unemployment and address issues to redirect Nigeria.

On his part, the keynote speaker, Dr Ira Helfand, a Noble Peace Prize recipient and the immediate past president for the Prevention of Nuclear War, who spoke on the topic “Action For Peace: Strategies For Enhancing Aid In Nigeria” said there are factors and strategies for enhancing aids to Nigeria which can only happen through global peace.

He however warned against factors that increase war which he said must be discouraged at all times. He said the increasing rivalry between the United States and Russia had the potential to blow into a crisis that could destabilise the world and ruin peace efforts already put in place if not checked.

The pioneer DG IPCR and the chairman of the ceremony, Professor Sunday Ochoche said government needs to take action to negotiate peace through policy redirection. He added that researches need to be strengthened to engage government in policy-making decisions.

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