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Doja Cat Takes a Dig at the Kardashians in Controversial New Song ‘W-t Vag*na’

Doja Cat has taken a dig at the plastic surgeries of the Kardashians in her new song. Though Kardashians have always been known for their plastic surgeries. It was Doja Cat who decided to throw lights on them with her new song. The song even calls the Kardashians “plastic”. While fans are busy reacting on her new song.

Read ahead to learn more about Doja Cat takes a dig at the plastic surgeries of Kardashians in her new song.

Doja Cat has a new song out for fans

Singer Doja Cat had her new album Scarlet released only this Friday. Of which a song titled “W*t Va*ina” has been going viral. Well, it’s the lyrics of the song that have been grabbing the attention of all. It takes a dig at the Kardashians in it.

Doja Cat’s new song‘s lyrics are as “Tell me why ol’ shorty walkin’ like she got a stick in her a**”. The other line read as “And pretty face, plastic, it’s givin’ Kardashian”. The song has surely taken a dig at the plastic surgeries of the Kardashians in it. The Kardashians-Jenner sisters have been known for the same for long.

Kardashians and their plastic surgery history

While Doja Cat’s new song definitely talks about Kardashians being plastic. The Kardashians-Jenner family has had a history of plastic surgeries. As Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and even Kourtney Kardashian have admitted to doing one or the other look-changing treatments.

Kylie had her breast implants even before Stormi was born. Kourtney too had had her b**b job done. While Khloe had her nose job done as well. Kim on the other hand had her Botox in her neck and so on.

Fans’ reaction to Doja Cat’s new song calling Kardashians “plastic”

After the release of the new song of Doja Cat taking a dig at the Kardashians. The internet users have reacted to the lyrics of the song. Many have indeed found the lyrics about Kardashians to be true. While many thought it wasn’t actually a dig at the reality TV stars.

One of the user wrote, “I mean Kardashian is synonymous with cosmetic surgery in pop culture. It’s just a reference not that deep”. Another one wrote, “I guess it’s more of a negative shout out lol”. A fan even commented, “She’s plastic as well. So i don’t understand”.

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