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Chris Brown Claps Back at Tinashe Over ‘Embarrassing’ Collaboration Critique

Chris Brown responded to Tinashe’s statements in her interview on the Zach Sang Show, which was uploaded on YouTube last Tuesday (Sept. 12). Tinashe was asked about her prior collaborations with R. Kelly and Chris Brown, both of whom have been accused of sexual assault. Her R. Kelly-assisted song “Let’s Be Real Now” was labelled “embarrassing,” and her Chris Brown 2015 duet “Player” was the label’s idea, not hers. “I literally block that R. Kelly song out of my head.” “I forget it exists,” she stated of the Kellz song. “That is so unbelievable that I have a song with R. Kelly.” That is extremely embarrassing.” Breezy, 30, said she was obliged to collaborate with him for her contribution. Brown must have noticed Tinashe’s comments and responded on Instagram


“NAME 5 TINASHE songs or die….[looking eyes emoji] EVERYONE DEAD [skull emoji],” he said. Tinashe was also labelled “evil” by the R&B singer, who claimed her career was “nonexistent.” “She’s full of evil.” “Shawty has no career,” he wrote. What’s worse is that she worked with all of these individuals, and none of us could have rescued her career.” Last month, Chris Brown addressed his apparent cancellation in an Instagram Story. Before announcing his comeback, Breezy was questioned about being x-ed out in the music industry from a third-person perspective in the piece. “WEIRDOS: did not we cancel Chris Brown?” Breezy wrote across a black-and-white screen on his Instagram Story. He wrote “Me: IM STILL ALIVE along with a [smirking face emoji].”

Chris Brown Responds To Tinashe’s Remarks About Their ‘Embarrassing’ Collaboration

Chris Brown and Tinashe collaborated on the song ‘Player’ in 2015 when they were both signed to RCA Records. Tinashe, who is presently promoting her new album ‘BB/ANG3L,’ spoke with amp Radio’s Zach Sang Show about her new project & reminisced on her music career experience. Tinashe referenced her prior collaboration with the notorious R&B musician R. Kelly, which she now feels embarrassed about, when addressing the lack of control she possessed at the start of her career contrasted to the creative freedom she currently has. “I was also so young, and that’s crazy because I believe I did that song when I was just starting out with that label.” “I was perhaps around 20 years old,” Tinashe explained. “This is especially true for singles. For example, the song with Chris [Brown] was one that… we all wanted to be this great moment, this massive single.”So I believe [the label] was thinking, ‘You want the support.’ As Well As [Chris] was like their most popular artist at the moment on rhythmic radio.”‘Well, this is a pop song, so I truly don’t think we ought to put Chris on it like that,’ I said. That bothers me. That doesn’t make sense to me.’”

She appeared to irritate Brown during this interview, and he wasted not much time in voicing his feelings, taking to Instagram to express his anger. “NAME 5 TINASHE songs or die….EVERYBODY DEAD,” he said. “She’s full of daytime evil.” Shawty’s professional career is non-existent. What’s worse, she collaborated with all of these people, and none of us could safeguard her career.” Following Chris Brown’s rage, others took to social media to defend Tinashe. People didn’t get it because Tinashe’s issue was with her former label for pressuring them to do a pop song together, not with Chris. Someone described it as “just childish.” I’m dead ass when I say I’m weary of Chris Brown. A YouTube clip of Tinashe being dissatisfied with her label’s choice to feature him recently went out, although she stated nothing nasty about HIM. He then says this. When he wasn’t even mentioned negatively, he was just childish. Kelly is currently incarcerated for 30 years on racketeering & sex trafficking charges. In the meantime, Chris pleaded guilty to assaulting Umbrella singer Rihanna while they were together in 2009 he has faced a slew of other allegations that he has denied.

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