Akwa Ibom gov warns politicians against frivolous demands

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Umo Éno, has warned politicians in the state against making frivolous financial demands saying the commitment he signed with the people is to better the lives of the common people and not just a few politicians

“Not that we are trying to starve the political class of funds but we want them to be patient. I will not starve over 7.9m people just to please politicians who are few.

“Let me put money in the rural communities to help the youths. I believe that we need to save cost and reduce recurrent expenditures in governance to meet up with capital expenditures” the governor said.

Speaking during a media parley to mark the 36th Anniversary of the state creation  of Akwa Ibom State on Saturday, Umo Eno said his administration would also cater to the needs of the elderly persons in the state  by way of constructing a special area where they will be taken care of

The governor who lamented the plights faced by aged persons across rural communities in the state such as hunger, lack of access to medical facilities, witchcraft stigmatization, and outright abandonment by the immediate families because of poverty said his government would build the clinic, recreation centre, water plant in such a place to improve the welfare of the elderly.

” The aged person village will have a standard clinic, recreation centre, and water plant for improved welfare of old people.

“We are doing the best we can to see that rural communities are developed while the aged people are being taken care of by government as it happens in other climes. ”

Although the governor did not mention when the elderly people care home will commence,  he stated that the administration is committed to the improvement of rural communities.

He said other sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, youth development, and security of the people will be given adequate attention.

While noting that the present health facilities in the state do not meet SDG goals, the governor promised to revamp health facilities across the 31 local areas in the state.

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