Unilorin Mass Com don guns for NIPR governing council membership

Between 23 and 25 of August 2023, members of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) will converge on Abuja for this year’s Annual General Meeting where they will elect new set of leaders to pilot the affairs of the regulatory body for the next two years.

Expectedly, a lot of candidates have indicated interest to vie for election into the council of the Institute.

Among those who have declared interest to run for election into the Governing Council of the NIPR, Dr. Mrs. Saudah Salah AbdulBaqi stands out as a formidable candidate who is adequately prepared to lead and drive meaningful change and impact within the Institute. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Mass Communication, University of Ilorin, a fellow of the NIPR, and currently serves as the Chairperson of the Kwara State chapter of the Institute. She brings to the table a remarkable mixture of academic expertise, administrative acumen, and a wealth of experience in Public Relations and Strategic Communication. Without doubt, her election into the Governing Council of the NIPR would contribute to shaping the Institute towards a future of sustained growth, innovation, and excellence.

With a career spanning over three decades, Dr AbdulBaqi is no doubt a successful academic who has tutored and mentored several communication students in various higher institutions of learning. She has also contributed to the body of knowledge through research, presentations at conferences and publications in reputable journals within and outside Nigeria. Indeed, her academic journey over the years demonstrates her steadfast commitment to intellectual growth and professional excellence.

Beyond her academic accomplishments and achievements, Dr AbdulBaqi’s experience as an administrator and a leader underscores her capacity and preparedness for the position she is vying for. Her noteworthy leadership in various academic and professional bodies as well as religious and community associations speaks volumes of her competence and capacity to navigate complex organizational structures, foster collaboration, and drive strategic initiatives.

Through her visionary leadership, Dr AbdulBaqi revitalised the NIPR in Kwara State, implementing various administrative strategies to reposition the chapter while also fostering mutual respect and harmony among members. She also promoted a culture of continuous learning through regular capacity-building workshops for members of the Chapter, thereby positioning Kwara NIPR as a hub of knowledge, thought leadership, and professionalism. She clearly possesses the leadership qualities needed to lead the NIPR to greater heights.

In terms of innovation and proactiveness, Dr AbdulBaqi’s candidacy provides a refreshing approach to advancing the interests of the NIPR. With her unwavering commitment to progress and excellence coupled with her willingness to embrace emerging technologies and trends in the field of Public Relations, she will help the NIPR to stay relevant and competitive in this rapidly changing environment.

Among the unique traits of Dr AbdulBaqi is her solid commitment to and advocacy for peace. In a world characterized by conflicts, discord and clash of interests, her belief in the transformative power of harmony and peaceful coexistence is remarkable and worthy of emulation. As an advocate of peace, Dr AbdulBaqi has participated in several peace-building initiatives to bridge divides, foster dialogue, and harmony between warring factions. Her dedication to conflict resolution, mutual respect and peace has earned her recognition in her State, Kwara.

As a member of the Governing Council of the NIPR, I am confident that Dr. Abdulbaqi’s passion for peace will undoubtedly inspire a culture of unity, collaboration, and progress within the Institute.

Furthermore, Dr AbdulBaqi’s commitment to advancing ethical practices and professional standards connects with the values of NIPR as a regulatory body. If elected into the Governing Council of the NIPR, she will work with her fellow Council members to ensure that the Institute remains at the forefront of promoting ethical public relations practices.

As a patriotic Nigerian that is committed to nation-building, Dr AbdulBaqi envisions a NIPR that not only advances the practice of Public Relations, but also serves as a catalyst for positive and transformative societal change. Propelled by her love for peace, she aims to collaborate with other members of the NIPR Council to establish the Institute as a driving force in promoting dialogue, social harmony, peaceful coexistence and the development of Nigeria.

As we countdown to the day of the elections, I urge my professional colleagues in the NIPR to vote Dr. Mrs. Saudat Salah AbdulBaqi as a member of the Governing Council of our beloved and reputable Institute. With Dr. Abdulbaqi’s membership of the NIPR Governing Council, the Institute is poised to embark on a journey of excellence, sustained growth, and impact.

Hameed Muritala, a media practitioner and associate member of the Kwara State chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) writes from Ilorin



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