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The View Season 27 Promo Leaves Fans Guessing: Is Whoopi Goldberg Returning as Moderator?

Promo for The View season 27 is out for all but the excited viewers couldn’t see Whoopi Goldberg in it thinking she might not be returning this time. Well, The View has had Whoopi as a part of the show for years now. As such not getting to spot her in the latest promo of season 27 was a shock for many. But here’s if she is making a return or not.

Read ahead to know more about if Whoopi Goldberg is a part of The View season 27 as a promo of the same comes out.

Promo for The View season 27 out for all

The View show on ABC has been the most popular daytime talk show on the network. It has come a long way now as it is all set to come out with its 27th season. The viewers of the show hence are excited to know who’s returning as the host of the upcoming season.

To unveil the same, the promo of The View season 27 came out recently. However, many of the viewers are left confused to the extent of believing that Whoopi Goldberg isn’t in the upcoming season. As they couldn’t find her in the promo that came out showing it’s returning hosts.

Fans couldn’t spot Whoopi Goldberg in The View season 27 promo

Though fans have finally got to watch the promo of The View. However many of the fans of the show couldn’t spot Whoopi Goldberg in it. As in the promo video, everyone can see the hosts Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, Sara Haines, and Alyssa Farah Griffin together except Whoopi.

This made many of the show fans react on the same on Twitter. As they have been expressing their disappointment at not having Whoopi Goldberg in the season 27 promo. But does that mean Whoopi Goldberg really isn’t in the upcoming season of The View? Here’s what we know.

Is Whoopi Goldberg in The View season 27?

Well, for all those who watched the promo of The View season 27 till the very end surely must be knowing if Whoopi Goldberg is there in the upcoming season or not. However, the confusion has been of those who didn’t watch the promo till the end.

Yes, Whoopi Goldberg is returning for The View season 27 and she appears in the promo of it too. Toward the end of the promo, Ana asks “Wait where’s Whoopi”. That’s when Whoopi comes into the scene saying “I’m right here. We’ll see everybody next season. Keep talking”.

It was merely an impression given at the start of the promo to fans that Whoopi isn’t returning. However, she is definitely coming back.

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