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Lil Tay Custody Battle Update: Lawyers Address Ongoing Case Amid Viral Death Hoax

Lil Tay’s mother has finally broken her silence on her daughter after a lot of drama about latter recently. Some days back Lil Tay and her brother became a target of a death hoax and now her mom’s update has come about the custody of her daughter. But what did Lil Tay’s mother say?

Read ahead to know more about Lil Tay’s mother finally breaking the silence and giving an update on her daughter.

All about the Lil Tay drama on the internet

Lil Tay has been a popular young internet star who is best known for her rapping career. She is also famous for her self-proclaimed title “youngest flexer of the century. However, apart from all the lavishness shown in her video making her popular. She has been involved in so many drama.

Recently, her Instagram post made a claim that was shocking for all to know. As it claimed that Lil Tay and her brother has passed away. However, Lil Tay herself came forward to deny the claims saying her Instagram was “compromised by 3rd party”.

Lil Tay’s mother breaks the silence on her daughter

Angela Tian, the mother of Lil Tay has finally broken her silence on her daughter. As she has shared about her child’s custody battle with Lil Tay’s father Christopher Hope. An Instagram post was shared by Tay’s mom’s lawyer giving their statement on the custody battle.

The statement shared “MacLean Law successfully obtained orders for our client that have enabled her daughter to advance her career”. Not to miss, the orders even include the role of Christopher Hope. As Lil Tay and her mother get awarded $275k in child support in 2014 along with ongoing child support that comes monthly from Hope with additional expenses.

More about Lil Tay’s mom on her daughter

In a statement shared with The Post via Tian’s rep, Lil Tay’s mom said “We have prevailed, justice has prevailed, and God has prevailed”. The statement further added, “We have won our case in court and my children and i can finally move on from this nightmare”.

Sharing about Lil Tay, her mom shared “My daughter can pursue and achieve her dreams on her own terms, and we are finally a happy family again, together”. With that, the child custody battle of years between Angela Tian and Christopher Hope has finally come in favour of Lil Tay and her mom.

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