Challenges made me tougher, smarter — Michael Uchegbu

A budding actor, Michael Uchegbu, has said that the challenges he faced in the early days of his career only made him tougher and smarter.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “Every career path has certain challenges, and acting is not different. However, in the midst of challenges, one has to design a pattern to cope with them and move forward. Like the cliché says, ‘How one makes one’s bed determines how one would lay on it’. As a matter of fact, those challenges taught me how to push even harder and to be smarter. Today, I don’t look anything close to those challenges I faced.”

The actor also stated that he had always had a flair for acting from childhood. He said, “I have always had a flair for acting since childhood. I had to seize every little opportunity to act; be it on stage or screen. My father was not so supportive earlier in my career, but consistency in my belief eventually opened greater doors.

“Some of my notable works include, ‘What She Wrote’ on Amazon Prime, ‘Rattlesnake’ on Netflix, and a host of others on YouTube. I look up to quite a number of great actors. Without mentioning anyone specifically, each of them has made an impact in my career.”

Reacting to the assumption that it is easier for women to succeed in the industry than men, Uchegbu said, “That depends on what one understands as success, because from my standpoint, it is not categorically spelt out which of the sexes do better than the other.

“Everyone is just in their own lane, trying to find the right balance to succeed in this creative space. There are two sides of a coin, and how one spins it determines one’s reality. It might seem like the females are doing a lot, but men are doing well too.”

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