APC UK approaches court to stop factional group

The proposed congress of a faction of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the United Kingdom scheduled to hold today might have suffered a set back.

The party’s congress might not hold as scheduled owing to a pending suit filed by the party and its Chairman, Hon. Tunde Doherty, who is also the Chairman APC committee of Diaspora Chairmen, against Mr. Joseph Adebola.

The hearing in the suit, pending before the County Court Central London, had already been fixed for April 19, 2023.

These were contained in a letter written by Waterhouse Solicitors Limited, the plaintiffs’ counsel, to the defendant informing him to stop the proposed congress.

The letter reads: “We confirm that we have been instructed by the above-named claimants, All Progressives Congress UK Chapter and Mr. Tunde Doherty to act in this matter and on their behalf, we write to you.

“By way of service, please find attached the Notice of Hearing that was sealed and issued by the County Court Central London on 21/3/2023 in this claim. We also enclose copies of the claimants’ application dated 7/2/2023 and application dated 29/3/2023, which have been lodged with the County Court Central London for your records. You can request copies from the court using the above claim no.

“You are therefore warned and advised to stop the congress or event scheduled for Saturday, 1/4/2023 at 4pm in the light of the on-going claim at the County Court Central, London, pending the hearing of 19/4/2023. Please, be advised that you cannot claim ignorance of this pending claim due to postal delays or the court not serving you, and as such, we have advised our clients to circulate this notice and attachments to all relevant parties by any means available to them to ensure service.

“As contained in the claim attached hereto, there are issues of pecuniary gains, impersonation, impropriety, use of misleading website and fraudulent use of a company’s name registered in the United Kingdom, and as such, parties must maintain status-quo.”

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