Adamawa REC unilaterally declares APC candidate winner of governorship poll

By Billy Graham Abel, Yola

The Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) for Adamawa State, Hudu Ari, has unilaterally declared the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Aishatu Dahiru Binani, winner of the state governorship elections.

The REC was said to have sneaked into the collation centre two hours before the scheduled time for the resumption of collation to declare the APC candidate, Aishatu Dahiru Binani, as the winner.

The results of about 10 local governments were already announced since the commencement of the collation of the supplementary governorship elections results at about 9 am on April 15 and the collation was suspended to officially resume today 16th of April, 2023.

While the entire state awaits the resumption of collation, it was reported that the REC, Hudu Yunusa Ari, came to the collation centre at around 9 am to mysteriously declare the APC candidate winner.

Details of the results released so far show that the governor was leading by a wide margin.

At the declaration of the elections as inconclusive, the Adamawa State Governor was already leading by 31,249.

Below are the details of the collated results so far:


Reg. Voters 366
Accredited. Voters 168
APC 43
PDP 124
Total Valid Votes 167
Rej. Votes 01
Total Votes Cast 168


Reg. Voters 5477
Accredited Voters 1552
APC 797
PDP 678
Total Valid Votes 1499
Rej. Votes 53
Total Votes Cast 1552


Reg. Voters 2222
Accredited Voters 746
APC 368
PDP 357
Total Valid Votes 729
Rej. Votes 17
Total Votes Cast 746


Reg. Voters 2275
Accredited. Voters 886
APC 285
PDP 580
Total Valid Votes 867
Rej. Votes 19
Total Votes Cast 886


Reg. Voters 802
Accredited Voters 442
APC 145
PDP 271
Total Valid Votes 423
Rej. Votes 16
Total Votes Cast 439


Reg. Voters 863
Accredited Voters 501
APC 176
PDP 309
Total Valid Votes 496
Rej. Votes 05
Total Votes Cast 501


Reg. Voters 2275
Accredited Voters 1011
APC 558
PDP 411
Total Valid Votes 983
Rej. Votes 17
Total Votes Cast 1000


Reg. Voters 1081
Accredited Voters 526
APC 223
PDP 299
Total Valid Votes 522
Rej. Votes 04
Total Votes Cast 526


Reg. Voters 702
Accredited Voters 389
APC 172
PDP 207
Total Valid Votes 382
Rej. Votes 07
Total Votes Cast 389


APC : 361
PDP : 1056

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