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Schneider Electric Unveils Cost-Saving Energy Solutions for Nigerian Industries

Sustainable energy multinational, Schneider Electric, calls for Nigerian industries to channel their  attention on current building management systems for optimum operation.  

Speaking to journalists, Tunde Olumuyiwa, Product Application Engineer, Schneider Electric, explained  that, as the Nigerian landscape has witnessed a surge of energy cost in the past years, the need to  manage energy usage and minimize costs has become paramount, therefore increasing the demand for value adding energy solutions.  

He stressed the importance of using facility management solutions both with respect to cost  effectiveness and sustainability goals.  

Olumuyiwa explains how this pain point can be resolved with the EcoStruxure solutions and the  benefits, “The EcoStruxure solutions are designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing performance management in buildings and industries power systems. With the EcoStruxure Building  Operation (EBO) and Power Monitoring Expert (PME), FMCGS, hospitality, manufacturing, and construction businesses can efficiently track and manage energy consumption, monitor building  systems, observe energy use, combine data from all energy assets, and access real time and past data  with easy-to-use analytics from a central point. 

“The EBO and PME solutions simultaneously solves customer related problems – from lighting, air  conditioning, plumbing and water monitoring, access, and security – EcoStruxure provides a value added package inclusive and tailored to a customer’s specific need.” 

Following this statement, he highlights the adverse effects of the absence of building management  systems in Nigerian businesses. He explains, “Operating today without proper system management triggers excessive expenditure on energy, less effective operation and therefore reduced customer  satisfaction.” 

Nigeria is committed to reducing the generation of emissions across the energy sector below 20% by  2030. Therefore, adopting the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure innovation works in sync with advancing  Nigeria’s energy transition goals. 

When asked how the solutions can be deployed to existing businesses and be efficient, Olumuyiwa  highlights significant add-ons of the EcoStruxure solutions, “EBO and PME can be deployed at any stage from construction phase of a building or any phase by an expert. More importantly, they can be  combined to deliver the best results in industries and guarantee management efficiency. Investing in  these solutions will help with smooth building monitoring, resource conservation, while delivering top notch services,” he adds. 

The Global Building Management System Market is projected to reach USD 33.83 billion by 2030 from  USD 12.73 billion in 2022. Therefore, the need to manage energy resources locally derives its  importance from both the global and national perspectives. 

Schneider Electric leads with a purpose driven focus to provide energy and automated digital solutions  for efficiency and sustainability in every home, industry, infrastructure, data centre, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services.

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