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As they say in Nigerian parlance, “follow who know road”.

We were originally billed to delve into how to make a good choice with online dating, but a more urgent topic came up based on feedback from last week, and we wanted to address it asap.

How ladies who exercise the option of using on dating websites are treated, and how it can be managed.

Let us all acknowledge that ladies have been the most impacted by the negative perception of online dating. Romantic relationships are about 2 consenting adults making the decision to come together for the purpose of exploring their chances of building a loving, sweet, long lasting relationship.

Both gender are needed for a meaningful relationship to be forged, because no-one will marry him/herself.


The above fact notwithstanding, when the topic of online dating is raised, ladies have taken a lot of heat. Such derogatory language like “Owerri gals”, “Ekiti gals” “Olosho” to name a few. Then there is the stigmatization for trying online dating. Ladies are targeted, harassed, verbally abused, sexually shamed and in some extreme cases they have been stalked and may even be physically assaulted.

This harassment has come from many quarters, and even some unexpected quarters. One such quarter is the “Christian soldiers” angle claiming that finding a partner through online dating is wrong and the bible doesn’t condone it.

While this is not our main discussion, it bears delving into because many folks have used “Christianity” as a cudgel, and this is unfair to true Christians.

In reality, some of these behaviors stem from

  • Ignorance
  • Parochialism
  • Misinterpretation
  • Preconceived childhood trauma





Those who condemn online dating have no understanding of exactly what it means. It is likely their first interaction with online dating were some “free to use/join” sites which were free for all, and it gave them a very negative impression. They got stuck there, and never educated themselves further, nor asked questions. They based their opinions on “following the herd” or what they heard “someone say”, and they come out swinging against it.


This is the bane of a lot of divisions in our society. We have a situation of stereotyping folks as a result of ethnicity, or as a result of religion, career and this also has dovetailed to any issue they are unable to understand, and guess what? Online dating is something they have no comprehension, so they judge it negatively. Folks like this are held captive by narrow mindedness, and are afraid of current ideas, or change. They will frequently refer to the way it used to be “in those days” not liking any form of emancipation particularly for women.


Many folks hide in the scripture/Bible/Religion to denounce online dating, as though God expressly told them so. Someone mentioned that it is from hell/antichrist. Technology has done the world a lot of good, and also a lot of bad, but we can say decisively that it is not technology that is bad, BUT how it is used. Our phones, vehicles, TV, gadgets, and all the latest tech are not evil in themselves, nor is watching cable, satellite TV, or making calls bad, but it is how it is used, that creates the influence it has.


Some folks grew up with a wrong notion about what ladies are “supposed” to do or be like. For these folks, anything outside that is plain wrong. They have a fixed image in their mind/opinion of the “Right way” for a woman to do. This behavior permeates their whole purpose, and often they are difficult to convince.

From the above, we see that how folks treat online dating has roots in many issues, as the reasons above are not exhaustive.


As a result of the above, to cater to decent ladies out there and gentlemen who are intentional, and focused on finding a serious relationship, but find that they are spending too much time building their careers, or business, and juggling other responsibilities to dissipate too much time and energy, we have created our www.likeplaylikeplay.COM

We have taken all the issues that folks find nauseating about online dating, and made changes to keep our platform clean, decent, attractive to ladies and gentlemen who are decent, serious about falling in love, not seeking frivolities and nefarious activities, while also keeping it fun to meet cool eligible singles, and build a friendship and lasting love.

a. One of the ways we assure this is – Guardrails on our platform. Our founder keeps a firm handle of the traffic by ensuring the Vision and Mission is maintained, and keep our users happy.

b. Well administered- We have around the clock administrative staff who work the site to remove any fugitive, errant or diabolic behavior that are not in alignment with the core purpose.

c. We have a policy that until there is a mutual acceptance, there can’t be any open chats/calls/video. If you admire someone, they MUST admire you back before you can resume any “talking to…”


d. We make it Playful and Fun to find a partner. There are many features that we have included to make it a fun place to keep visiting, and checking out, while also providing tips for your safety to avoid any unwarranted acts of harassment. Visit our Landing page to REGISTER. www.likeplaylikeplay.COM

e. SUBSCRIPTION ONLY-You must pay to be on our platform. This ensures we are weeding out all the urgent 2K unserious folks. It is not an elitist page, but because of the effort to keep you secure, safe, and allow you enjoy meeting good people, we have put a price on our services. It is NOT FREE, but you will feel special, and you will be in the company of quality folks. Our subscription is affordable.

So, this ensures decent, career-minded, entrepreneurs and focused ladies are freely welcome, without fear of harassment.

We will be creating an environment for Eligible guys and ladies, who are tired of the scam online dating sites that promise much, but deliver nothing close, and is overrun with fakes. It will be a clean, decent, cool, fun place to meet Single Professionals, and business entrepreneurs seeking for a sweet loving, and long lasting relationship. Guys are sure that this is not for nefarious activities, and can admire ladies freely for a common purpose. Love.

Go and register with us.


We are taking the leadership to educate folks, remove the stigma and clean up the space of online dating with the intention to open it up so decent, clean, hardworking professionals are jumping in, improving to pool of people you can meet online both male and female.

Our site is not yet open, so please avoid any site claiming they are part of us and offering you an app to download.

All our products Web/Android download/iOS download are COMING SOON.

To register with us, Visit www.likeplaylikeplay.COM

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