“Life outside the hospital is a gift” – Victony writes after three successful surgeries

Nigerian singer, Anthony Ebuka Victor, popularly known as Victony, has reflected on escaping the horrifying car accident that rendered him wheelchair-bound in 2021.

He claimed that he has been in pain for the past two months, but it hasn’t been physical pain; rather, it has been agony that has made him realize that not being hospitalized is a blessing.

Victony revealed that he underwent three operations due to the horrifying mishap two years ago, and he can now use his legs normally.

Taking to his Twitter page, Victony declared that it is time for him to live, and as such fans should be expecting a lot of music from him.

He wrote;

“I been in so much pain the last 2months, the type that makes you realize how much, life outside the hospital is a gift.
It’s time to Live, lotta music coming way. Boy Alinko, Ebelebe , 4 fucking life. #NotJustADeluxe 3 surgeries & still chasing with this legs…OMO OLOGO @Zlatan_Ibile”

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