Inventors Community: Bridging the Tech Skills Gap in Nigeria

The Inventors community is one of the fastest-growing tech communities in Nigeria. Since its inception in 2015, the community has made significant strides in the tech industry, providing training and mentorship to individuals interested in software development, product and graphics design, data science, and other related fields.

It’s worth mentioning that as the founder and community lead of Inventors community, Anthony Adedayo and his team of 7 Co-founders have played a crucial role in the success of the community. Under his leadership, the community has trained over 500 individuals and hosted several events that have helped to build a sense of community and foster an environment that encourages growth and innovation

Anthony Adedayo.

The community’s commitment to excellence and innovation has been key to its growth and success. The Inventors community has established itself as a leading tech community in Nigeria, attracting individuals from different parts of the country who are interested in building a career in tech.

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The community’s growth is evidenced by the number of individuals it has trained and the success of its members in securing big roles within the community and in various tech companies both in Nigeria and abroad. As one of the fastest-growing tech communities in Nigeria, the Inventors community is poised to continue making a significant impact in the tech industry and providing opportunities for individuals interested in building a career in tech.

Here is the link to the community Linkedln profile and facebook profile

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Some of the founder & co-founders picture in 2018.

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