Hamas video showcases its stabbing attacks, bus bombings, and more, inscribed with Qur’an quote

“Indeed, they see it far off while we see it near.” (Qur’an 70:6-7)

The one aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that Western analysts steadfastly and routinely ignore is its Islamic aspect, yet whenever the various Palestinian groups speak about the conflict, they do so in Islamic terms. Find out why this matters in The Palestinian Delusion.

Hamas’ website used to feature what it called its “Glory Record,” which was a list of its supposedly glorious exploits. This list included the murders of Israeli civilians. Here are some of Hamas’ self-described exploits from that record, which has now been scrubbed from the Internet:

3. Boureen Operation: The militant Hamdan Hussein Al:najar, a member of Hamas, killed the Israeli settler Ya’coub Berey using a big rock as his weapon. The militant was shot down as a martyr after he had ambushed an Israeli patrol using the dead settler’s weapon….

6. Bus No. 405 Operation: Militant Ahmed Hussein Shukry, a member of Hamas, was able to lead an Israeli soldier to a secluded place in Tel Aviv where the militant hit the soldier with a chisel and killed him on 8 September 1989. The following day, the militant got on bus No. 405 and stabbed the driver to take over the bus; however, the passengers were able to stop the militant….

12. Keryat Youval Operation: The militant Mohammed Mustafa Abu Jalala stabbed four Israelis and injured another at a bus station in Keryat Youval in Jerusalem before he was arrested by the Israeli forces.

13. Askalan Road Operation: While driving a taxi, the militant Jameel Ismail Al:baz, a member of Hamas, ran over a group of Israelis waiting on this road on 19 July 1991….

15. Shailou Operation: A military group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades attacked an Israeli bus carrying some settlers on their way to Tel Aviv to participate in demonstrations organized by the extremist party Likud against the peace process. The bus was completely destroyed; two Israelis were killed and five more were injured….

17. Eid Al-maskhara Operation: The militant Ra’ed Al:reefy attacked an Israeli crowd in Jaffa on 17 March 1992. He was able to kill 2 and injure 21 Israelis who gathered to celebrate Eid Al:maskhara, also known as Al:boureem.

18. Beit Lahya Operation: On the third anniversary of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin’s arrest, a group belonging to Al Qassam Brigades attacked an Israeli settler at Beit Lahya and shot him down then withdrew safely….

21. Carlo Factory Operation: Four militants belonging to Al Qassam Brigades broke into a citrus packing factory (Carlo) near Nahal Oaz at 2:30 p.m. on 25 June 1992. Three militants stabbed two Israelis while the other was guarding….

“Hamas Animated Video Marks 10th Anniversary Of Its ‘Military Media’ Outfit, Showcases Escalation Of Hamas Operations, From Stabbing Attacks To Bus Bombings, Rocket Attacks To Future Liberation Of Al-Aqsa Mosque,” MEMRI, March 8, 2023:

An animated video posted on the Telegram account of Hamas’s military wing Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam on March 8, 2023 in honor of the 10th anniversary of its “military media” outfit showcases the evolution of Hamas’s operations against Israel throughout the years. The video begins with stabbing attacks, continues to shooting attacks against Israeli soldiers, then bus bombings, rocket attacks, and anti-tank shoulder missiles. The attacks in the video continue to escalate into blowing up a border fence, the launching of M-75 rockets used to target Tel Aviv, entering an Israeli town and kidnapping a soldier, a Hamas naval commando and Ababil drones, a battery of Ayyash 250 rockets, with a 250 km range, attack tunnels, to an image of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. An inscription with a quote from the Quran states: “Indeed they see it distant, but We see it near.”

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