Germany: In Düsseldorf, Leftist politicians put up Arabic street signs to ‘represent the diversity of our city’

This is marvelous. What a wonderful sign of welcoming and inclusion! But look at the relative ages of the people in the photo, and consider also the supremacist and expansionist aspects of Islam. How long will it be before the German-language sign is taken down?

“Ellerstrasse and شارع إلَرْ,” translated from “Ellerstraße und شارع إلَرْ,” Grüne Düsseldorf, March 16, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

There is already a Japanese addition on Immermannstrasse, and now Ellerstrasse in Oberbilk also has a bilingual street sign: شارع إلَرْ symbolizes the diversity of the quarter and strengthens the connection between the district and the community. Another sign of representation and cohesion.

“Bilingual street signs are also a symbolic expression of social inclusion. They show that people identify with their district and the diversity of their district. The more people identify with their district, the more social responsibility they can take on. That’s good for Oberbilk and good for Düsseldorf.”

“Many people, families and tradespeople with a Moroccan and Maghreb background have lived in Oberbilk for several generations.
A colorful and diverse district, through and through. The people who live there helped build our country.
In return, they deserve respect, respect and representation. I am pleased that the district council set an example with the two additional signs.”
(Samy Charchira, GREEN councilor for Oberbilk and integration policy spokesman for the council group)

A bilingual street sign is not the only way to do this, but it is one of many. With this we express our appreciation and set a sign of togetherness.

In doing so, we are setting another of many signs in Düsseldorf to represent the diversity of our city and to strengthen the lively bond between the migrant communities and the districts of our city. In Düsseldorf we live TOGETHER, not ALONGSIDE each other. We always want to strengthen and express that.

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