France: Muslim screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ threatens massacre, urinates on court floor, says he’s ‘pi**ing on France’

He threatened to blow up an apartment building by turning on the gas; this would have been a mass casualty event. He also said that French law would not stop him from beating his wife, a right he clearly thinks he has because of the Qur’an (4:34). The response of French authorities: “his mental health raises questions.” Of course it does, because they ignore jihad and thus have no other framework to understand his actions.

“Dunkirk: file S, he does not respect his obligations and goes into detention,” translated from “Dunkerque: fiché S, il ne respecte pas ses obligations et part en détention,” La Voix du Nord, March 10, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

The personal matter of 43-year-old Jamal Bigharassn is a special one. The man from Dunkirk was brought before the court on Friday for failure to comply with his administrative obligations in the context of the prevention of terrorism. The measures were taken by the Minister of Interior. Jamal Bigharassn, who is on a dangerous persons register, was released from prison on March 6. He was required to report to the police station and give his address. He preferred to “play dead” and was arrested at the Jeu de mail on March 7.

His mental health raises questions. In the jail cells of the court, while waiting to be brought before his judges, he urinated on the floor and told the police officers that this was his way of “pissing on France.”

The man from Dunkirk is well known to the jurisdiction with his nine convictions: Drugs, violence, insult, death threats, domestic violence. At his last direct appearance, he had claimed the right to beat his wife: “If I feel like beating my wife, French law will not stop me.” Another time he had threatened to blow up an apartment building in Malo by turning on the gas and shouting “Allah akbar.”

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