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Debunked: Viral Image Falsely Claims Zendaya Attended Oscars 2023

With Oscars 2023 to be the most highlighted event in terms of everything this year, a pic of Zendaya from the awards has been going viral. Well, though you might have been knowing that Zendaya wasn’t there at the 95th Academy Awards this year. A pic of her from this year’s Oscars has been going viral. But is it real?

Read ahead to know more about Zendaya’s pic from Oscars 2023 going viral on the internet.

Celebs who attended the 95th Academy Awards

Every year Academy Awards are much awaited by the fans as they get curious to know who bags which award at the event. More than that the outfit and presence of celebs at the awards is itself a big thing. This year 95th Academy Awards too had an amazing star-studded event.

Celebs like Rihanna, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lady Gaga, Jenny Slate, Kate Hudson and many more attended the Academy Awards. However, some of them were even missing from the event. Zendaya, the Euphoria star was one of them who couldn’t be at the awards event.

Zendaya’s pic from Oscars 2023 goes viral on the internet

As fans awaited the 95th Academy Awards. They even saw Zendaya missing from the awards this year. However, fans were confused as they got to see a viral pic of Zendaya from Oscars 2023 on the internet. The pic of Zendaya was shared by a user from the Twitter handle @dayasdear.

In the viral pic of the Euphoria star though she could be seen having a hairdo, jewelry to be similar to one of her old pics from an award. However, her dress in the viral pic was different. Which made many think that indeed Zendaya attended the Oscars 2023.

Did Zendaya really attend the Oscars 2023?

Despite a viral pic of Zendaya showing her attending the Oscars 2023 went viral. And many believe it to be true too. Netizens were quick to find out the reality behind the pic in some time. As it was a photoshopped pic of Zendaya that went viral on social media.

Netizens found out that the viral pic of Zendaya was an old pic of her from an award. Which was photoshopped in a manner that everyone believed she attended the Oscars this year. Though she didn’t not in real.

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