Deaf association laments shortage of sign language interpreters in Edo

Edo Association of the Deaf has decried shortage of sign language interpreters in public and private places and institutions in the state.

Kingsley Eromosele, Chairman of the association, said the shortage of interpreters was excluding the deaf from the society.

Mr Eromosele said this via an SMS interview in Benin on Monday.

According to him, most often, interpreters are not readily available and services of sign language interpreters are no longer free as it used to be.

“We are currently experiencing shortage of sign language interpreters in the state. We need more of them to help bridge the communication gap between us and the hearing world.

“Cases abound whereby we have a programme to attend and we will have to source for an interpreter ourselves; the organisers ought to put this in mind,” he said.

He called for efforts in promoting effective communication between the deaf and hearing community in order to have an inclusive and integrated society.

“None of the television stations in Edo can boast of a single sign language interpreter; the same goes to hospitals, Police stations, courts, schools and other public places.

“No single higher institution in the state is accessible to the deaf students. None of the universities, colleges of education, polytechnic, technical colleges can boast of sign language Interpreters.

“Even University of Benin, which is currently running Special Education courses, lacks sign language interpreters, yet they have deaf students in the school,’’ he lamented.


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